Reading Tips
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Reading Homework Tips - Have your child read aloud to you every night. - Choose a quiet place, free from distractions, for your child to his nightly reading assignments. - As your child reads, point out spelling and sound patterns such as cat, pat, hat. -When your child reads aloud to you and makes a mistake, point out the words he or she has missed and help your child read the word correctly. - After your child has stopped to correct a word he has read, have him or her go back and reread the entire sentence from the beginning to make sure they understand what the sentence is saying. - Ask your child to tell you in their own words what happened in the story. - Occasional pause and ask your child questions about the characters and events in the story to check your child’s understanding of what they are reading. -  Ask your child why they think a character acted in a certain way and ask your child to support their answer with in the story. - Ask your child what they think will happen next in the story and why.
Daily Reading Tips Help and encourage your child to read messages posted on the refrigerator. Help and encourage them to read grocery lists, recipes, letters, coupons and English magazines. Help and encourage them to read street signs and all types of environmental print. Help and encourage them to read parts of the daily newspaper.  
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