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Objectives:         Students from all ELL classes and/or other classes will collaborate and work together on the project towards making it a success.         Students will design and create a bird and butterfly garden with key components necessary to encourage wildlife to travel into our area. a.   Students will implement a good landscaping plan to potentially double the number of wild birds that visit our habitat. b.   Students will plant a variety of flowers, shrubs, and bushes that can serve as good nesting sites, winter shelter, places to hide from predators, and natural food supplies that will be available year round. c.   Students will determine the best types of houses and feeders to place in the garden to encourage various species to come into our area.         Students will become bird watchers and will learn about the various species that come into our garden.         Students will share their findings with students from around the world on Journey North, a website that focuses on inspiring young people to develop a lifelong interest in wildlife and conservation.         Students will work towards having achieving recognition as a National Wildlife Federation’s Certified Habitat.
Projected Outcomes:         Students will develop an understanding of various science inquiry skills (including observing, questioning, comparing/contrasting, analyzing, interpreting, inferring, finding patterns, and communicating details) while developing a love of nature and an understanding of our world around us.         Through content area study via this thematic based unit, students will fulfill the requirements listed in the New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards and the Teachers of English Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) Standards.         ELL students will become better at communicating their thoughts, both verbally and in writing, through discussion groups and via communication with students from around the world on Journey North’s website.         By developing and providing the wildlife habitat for birds and butterflies, we are teaching students to love and care for nature.
Methods / Procedures:         Students will sketch what they would like to see the bird garden become.  They will then take their sketches and write a paragraph that explains their ideas.         Working together with staff, students will design and create the bird and butterfly garden.  This will involve measuring (perimeter and area), planting (flowers, bushes, & shrubs) in accordance with directions, and bringing their vision to life in our sanctuary.         Students will put together and will apply for certification as a National Wildlife Habitat.         Students will observe birds nesting, feeding, and singing and will report their findings to other students via Journey North on computers or iPads.  Students will also record their findings in a journal and will spend time identifying and researching the various birds and butterflies that venture into our garden.

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Roland’s Bird & Butterfly Garden
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