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About Us -Hammonton Lions Club credits its success in recruiting and retaining members to a variety of factors. These factors characterize the club's composition, fellowship, organization, activity and its genuine interest to serve others. Lions are encouraged to invite prospective members to attend a meeting and consider joining the club. Members are assured that a prosective candidate will be warmly welcomed and given and opportunity to observe a well organized meeting in which business is conducted in an efficient manner. Whether it is business meeting or a program meeting, every effort is made to keep it brief, interesting and enjoyable. The fellowship shared by all is of upmost importance to create an atmosphere in which Lions can exchange ideas, plan projects and just have fun.

We want to attract high energy members who will do their part in helping the club reach its goals. Lions have different talents and abilities and those assets must be recognized and channelled by the leadership to give members the greatest satisfaction from their contribution to an activity. Praise for a job well done is quickly given. Lions are always thanked and recognized at a meeting and in our newsletter and website for their part in the success in the activity. Chairpersons of various projects are also recognized at the annual dinner.

Why Should You Join the Hammonton Lions?

To learn more about our town "The Blueberry Capital of the World", visit our town website www.townofhammonton.org
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As of April 2006, we are 100 members and growing. The true strength of our club comes from within. It starts with good leadership, and when every member contributes, a good organization becomes a great one. Involvement is the key to success. When members feel they are contributing, they are needed and supported, and they are important to the success of the club, they feel good about their individual and collective efforts to serve others and Lionism is strengthened.

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