Tomahawk Launcher

     Two armored box launchers provided MISSISSIPPI with stike capability, firing Tomahawk cruise missiles. The Tomahawk is an all-weather, subsonic cruise missile that can be fired as a conventional anti-ship weapon or as a land-attack weapon using both nuclear and conventional warheads. Tomahawk's small cross-section, ability to fly at low altitudes, and low heat emission makes it difficult to detect by infrared devices or by radar.


LENGTH: 18 feet, 3 inches
DIAMETER: 20.4 inches
WING SPAN: 8 feet, 9 inches
WEIGHT: 2,650 pounds
SPEED: about 750 mph
RANGE: 250-1000 nautical miles
POWER PLANT: Williams International F107-W-R-400
cruise turbofan; solid-fuel booster.
WARHEAD: (conventional) 700-1000 pounds high explosive
CONTRACTOR: Hughes Missile Systems