The MK 45, 5-inch/54 caliber gun mount is a lightweight, single barrel, fully automatic gun system that provides surface ships with a weapon for firing 70-pound projectiles at surface craft, low-altitude aircraft, and shore targets. It is the main gun battery for destroyers, guided missile destroyers, guided missle cruisers, and amphibious assault ships. The gun-mount crew consist of six men whose battle stations are below the weather deck. In a tactical emergency, however, a single crew member can activate the mount and rapidly aim and fire up to 20 conventional rounds. USS Mississippi had two gun mounts, one forward and one aft.


WEIGHT: 48,934 pounds
HEIGHT: 10 feet, 4 inches (above deck)
AMMUNITION: 5 inch, 54 caliber
FIRING RATE: 20 rounds per minute
RANGE: 13.5 miles (max)
CONTRACTOR: United Defense