2004-2005 Web Awards
USS Mississippi (CGN-40)

A website dedicated to the hardworking men of the USS Mississippi (CGN-40),
the last ship to bear the name.
An excellent website, commemorating a fine ship.
Mississippi Sailors, we salute you.
Please accept our Golden Anchor as a small token of our thanks for your service.
We have reviewed your site and we would be honored to present you with
the Patriot Website Award. Thank you for your hard work in support of our military.
This Award is given by Patriotfiles.com to sites that produce outstanding military
and patriotic content.

Patriot Award Committee http://www.patriotfiles.com
Congratulations from all the staff at Art Space 2000.com.
You have won the "World Web Award of Excellence"
for originality, overall design and appearance, ease of navigation, and content.
Keep up the good work.
Our editors have selected your site as one of the best military sites on the Web. Military.com recognizes your website as a valued resource for the military community. We salute you and your efforts. In appreciation, we would like to present you with our Distinguished Military Site Award."
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