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Now. . .
LT Cornelius Aaron
1983-1987 Retired after 15 1/2 years of US Postal Service
Norfolk, VA.
LTjg Mark Abramovitz
1975-1977 Retired as CDR from USNR 8/1/1996. 1984-99: Licensed Senior Reactor Operator at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. 2004-Present: US Nuclear Regulatory Commission
CDR Cliff Alligood
1990-1992 SUPPO, 1990-1992. Retired from NAVSEA HQ Sep 1994. Currently work for Computer Sciences Corp.
LT Jay Anderson
1993-1997 Management Consultant with GE Capital
LT John D. Ashe
1988-1990 CDR USN(RET). Senior Program Manager at Technology Service Corporation, located in Huntsville, AL 35806. I started on on MISSISSIPPI as the 1st Division Officer, supporting Bob Caldwell, the First Lt. I then became the Electrical/A gang Division Officer.
Deborah M. Ashe Ombudsman -served during Captains Bordy and Pollard- Wife of CDR USN (RET) John D. Ashe
LCDR Keith F. Batts, MD
1992-1993 Emergency Medicine Physician
Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, VA
LCDR Len Bergersen
1979-1981 Captain, USNR, War Gaming Dept (VTU-0119G) Naval War College, Newport, RI. Present occupation: Attorney and Proctor in Admiralty. 1070 Kingstown Road, Peace Dale, RI 02883. (401) 789-5345.
LTJG Timothy Bondy
1986-1989 President, Chicago Engraving & Design Studios, Inc. Retired from USNR in 1995.
LT Timothy Boyce
1992-1995 LT, BUPERS 241A, Washington, DC
Resigning in Dec 97
CDR Jim Brown
1983-1986 Manager, Program Management Energy Nuclear Inc., Jackson, Misssissippi
LT Bob Caldwell
1986-1989 Currently, Dep. Dir. Division of Engineering and Infrastructure, NRO at the USNRC. Retired as a Captain, USNR in 2008.
LT Bobby (Paul) Carder
1991-1994 Portfolio Manager for Small Cap Growth Fund. Live and work in Richmond, VA
LT Daniel Carlin, MD
1986-1988 CEO, WorldClinic, a telecommunication medical practice based
in Boston. My 2 yrs as Med Officer were the seed for my current
practice, taking care of people oceans away. Hope my former shipmates,
esp. Tom Tanner, Tim Bondy, and Gary McCloud find this and drop a line
LT Philips Cartaciano
1993-1997 Moved recently to Santa Clara, CA. Project Manager for the Battle Command Vehicle - Bradley Fighting Vehicle.
LCDR J.C. Carter
1991-1995 In route to be CO of USS SALVOR.
LT David Cartes
1988-1991 Retired USN, Retired Florida State University professor
LTJG Bruce Chadbourne
1977-1979 Plankowner/first Repair Div Officer
Currently, Program Manager with Lockheed Martin
LTJG Tom Chase
1984-1987 Logistics Manager, Automation Research Systems
LTJG Michael Clark
1977-1978 Plank Owner/First BULL Ensign/Crew Leading EOOW New Construction/ Retired LCDR December 31, 1989. President of MAJJAC Enterprises, Inc.
LT Mark Cole
1981-1985 CDR USNR (Ret). Program manager for Northrop Grumman supporting the Aegis Training and Readiness Center in Dahlgren, VA. Currently serving as a member of the Virginia State Legislature.
LCDR Harry M. Croyder
1993-1994 Retired. Joint Center for Operational Analysis, Joint Forces Command, Norfolk, VA.
LT Kevin Denham
1986-1988 Retired as a CDR in 2001. Presently working for Northrop-Grumman in Suffolk, VA supporting the Joint Center for Operational Analysis (JCOA) within Joint Forces Command. Still wondering who took the plaque I had on the C/S Office door that said, "You can accomplish more with a kind word and a gun, than with a kind word alone. - Al Capone" Anyone going to 'fess up??
LT Al Desmarais
1989-1992 Currently serving as Executive Officer at Southwest Regional Maintenance Center. Previous tours include N4 CCDG-1 (2001-2002) and XO of USS CHOSIN (CG 65) (2000-2001).
LTJG Jose Diaz
1993-1996 ESL Teacher, Elementary School since 98. Pursuing Masters in Educational Leadership.

Vice President of Free Military Child Tutoring- They Are Heroes Too!

Part-Time Professional Website Designer. WEBMASTER for this site
CGN40.org and serveral other organizations and businesses.
LT Rich Doyle
1994-1997 Currently a student at Harvard Business School and working in investment banking for Morgan Stanley this summer.
LT Len Duffy (Duff)
1985-1987 Continued on to commission Aegis CG, USS Normandy (CG 60) as the Combat Systems Officer; Retired as LCDR (medical reasons) in 1994 from US Joint Forces Command billeted as Joint Exercise Planner/M&S Planner; As a member of Northrop Grumman Missions Systems since 1994 have continued supporting USJFCOM at the Joint Training Analysis & Simulation Center (JTASC)/Joint Warfighting Center as a JTASC plankowner/military trainer; currently acting as Joint Simulation Support Factility (JSSF) configuration manager. Personally my wife Maggie has endured me for over 20 years now and my twins are both in college at William & Mary and University of Mary Washington. We still hang our Mississippi ornaments at Christmas with pride and wonderful memories.
LCDR Terrance (Terry) Etnyre
1980-1983 Vice Admiral, USN (Ret)
CDR Arlis Ethridge
1994-1997 Captain, Deputy Commander, Navy Exchange Service Command. Will retire March 30, 2007.
LT John E. Fay
1993-1996 Systems Analyst/Developer for national military contractor out of Hampton, VA
LT Patrick Ford
1988-1990 Professor of Space Studies, American Military University. Retired from the USNR in 1995; still a consultant for the Navy's EA-6B Prowler JATO team.
LTJG David Fritsch
1989-1992 According to my wife and children (2 boys) I am the best husband and father ever. I earn a living with MetLife in Virginia Beach.
CDR Mike Gaffney
1986-1988 Retired after commanding USS SOUTH CAROLINA (CGN-37). Currently working at Surrey Power Station.
LT Eric M. Gessler
1995-1997 Otolarynogologist, Head & Neck surgery resident, & rabid Gator's fan!
NMC Portsmouth, VA
LTJG Bing Gilardi
1995-1997 Graduate student, George Washington University, Washington DC.
ENS Joseph E. Gliebe
1977-1980 Plankowner. Arrived for the precom unit in early 1976 as ET1(SS/DV). Made ETC later that year. Commissioned as an Ensigne in early 1980. Remained on board for REFTRA and ORSE until the middle of 1980. Retired in 1995 as a CDR, USN. My thanks to all that I served with and especially to Capt. Hekman for having the confidence in me and encouraging my decision to go LDO!
LT George Gohlinghorst
1994-1997 Left active duty in 1999.  Currently a LCDR in the Active Reserves and work for General Electric as a Six Sigma Black Belt.  Married with 2 kids, Emma (6) and Aaron (5).
CDR Jon Greene
1994-1996 Former 4.0 XO, and USS McInerney (FFG-8) CO. Currently assigned as Reactor Officer in USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN-71)
LT Steven W. Hamilton
1979-1981 Captain, USNR. QA Manager for Pacific Gas and Electric.
CW02 John E. Haney
1986-1988 CW04 (Retired), former MPTA. Now a district manager for a national propane company
LT David Haralson
1993-1995 Technical trainer for Applied Materials in the semiconductor industry. Married since 6/12/93 to Annette with three children; Lauren (11/15/90), Hayden (5/5/95), Holden (10/11/00). Ordained Southern Baptist minister working in children's ministry of Hillcrest Baptist Church, Austin, TX.
LT Chuck Hawkins
1984-1987 Running databases for a major teleministry
LT Art Hawley
1978-1979 Captain, MC, Flight Surgeon, NAS New Orleans, LA
CAPT Peter Hekman
1977-1980 First Officer to report to MISSISSIPPI. Served as Commanding Officer for construction and commissioning and two years thereafter. Retired from USN in 1991 with the rank of Vice Admiral. Last command was Naval Sea Systems Command 1988-1991. Reside in San Diego with my wife Doree, near our son and daughter and 5 grandsons. Continue to work as a Consultant and remain active in Navy affairs.
LT John Heyel
1994-1997 Financial Analyst for Capital One Financial Company Richmond, VA
LT Bob Hovland
1985-1988 Training Manager at Davis-Besse Nuclear Power Station.
CWO4 Doug Huling
1994-1997 CS 7 Division Officer (CIWS/Seasparrow), USS Harry Truman (CVN-75)
LTJG Rolando "Ro" Imperial
1991-1993 LCDR, Retired. Senior Systems Engineer, Northrop Grumman Mission Systems. Site Lead supporting the United States Southern Command, Miami Florida.
LCDR Glenn Jewel
1977-1979 Glenn "Chooch" Jewell (MTS), BS, MS, EdS
Director of Learning/NRC Training Agent
Navy Recruiting Orientation Unit (NORU)
NAS Pensacola, FL

"UNDERWAY is the ONLY way - BEAT ARMY!!"
LT Jay T Jones
1984-1987 currently CDR, MC, USN. Was R-division officer, RC Divsion officer then RCA. After tours as Operations Officer on USS SIMPSON (FFG-56) and RadCon Officer on USS YELLOWSTONE (AD-41) went to medical school and became a radiologist. Currently Medical Direcor of Radiology at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, retiring in June 2008.
LT Dave Julian
1989-1992 Now a CDR. Director of the Dept of Defense Military Severely Injured Center, part of OSD. The Center takes care of severely injured Service members from OIF and OEF and their families, too. Married & Father of a 2 year old daughter!
LT Doug Kelley
1993-1996 Currently Product Manager for American LaFrance in Charleston, SC.
LTJG James Kenney
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1994-1997 LCDR, USS EISENHOWER (CVN-69) Norfolk, VA
LT Jim Kosowski
1993-1997 Vice President, Rapid Impressions INC. Married with two boys, Jimmy 11/99 and Ryan 10/00.
LT Jeff Kuehl
1982-1984 Engineering Supervisor for FPL Energy at DAEC, a nuclear generating station in Iowa.
CAPT William Laz
Two tours on USS Mississippi:
First tour - PRECOM Assistant Engineer
Second tour - Commanding Officer

Currently R&D Manager at Newport News Shipbuilding.
CAPT Lawrence A. Lewandowski
1995-1997 Retired. Currently employed at Dresden Nuclear Station Commonwealth Edison, Shorewood, IL
LTjg Thomas Maloney
1986-1989 Served as Ordnance O, CO DivO. Left Navy Jul,89. Retired from Post Office 2012. To see today's technology,
makes the stuff we had back then, seem a waste of time (too labor intensive). Hearty well done, glad to have
met each and everyone, who are at peace with their own service, to a Navy of high standards and accountability.
LT David Mann
1992-1995 Left active duty in 1997. Currently living in Indianapolis, IN. Married with two children.
LT Douglas Marshall
1993-1995 Internist in solo private practice in Morton, Illinois -- Marshall Internal Medicine, S.C.
LT Chris May
1988-1990 I'm now a Manufacturing Project Leader for GE Medical Systems, Milwaukee, WI. Left active duty in 95 and I'm a CDR(S) with COMPHIBGRU2 Det 313.
LT Ed McComb
1993-1997 Director of Engineering, GE Power
LT Jeffrey E. McFadden
1980-1984 Married to Anne Meyer McFadden for 26 years. She is a forensic accountant with Deloitte. Three daughters; one out of college, two in college. I am a partner at the law firm of Steptoe & Johnson LLP in Washington, DC, focusing on mass tort and securities litigation. Warmest personal regards to everyone associated with the Mississippi.
LT Jamie McGrath
1992-1995 LCDR/Student at the Naval War College and P-XO of USS HALYBURTON (FFG-40).
LT Mark Minotti
1991-1994 Making Crisco for the J.M. Smucker Co. in Cincinnati. Beth and I have four children.
LCDR Eric Moss
1993-1996 CAPTAIN, USN currently serving on the OPNAV Staff, Pentagon in N81 Sea Shield. Scheduled to detach for National Defense University in Aug 06.
LT Tom Mueller
1989-1992 Retired as CDR in 2004. Working as Defense Contractor at the Carrier Planning Activity/PMS-312C.
LT Gary Munn
1977-1980 Psychiatrist (CAPT-select) at the National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD. Married since '77; six kids.
LT Bill Murray
1985-1988 Family Physician, Charlottesville, VA. "Dan Carlin seemed to be having fun, so I said what the heck!"
LT Scott Joseph Murray
1985-1987 Department of the Army Civilian, United States Southern Command
LT Steve Musson
1993-1996 PhD Environmental Engineering. Safety, Health, and Environmental Program Director, US EPA Cincinnati Ohio
LCDR Rich Nolan
1987-1989 Served as MISSISSIPPI's OPS officer. Currently Director, Fleet Anti-Terrorism (N-34) at Fleet Forces Command in Norfolk after commanding USS COLE (DDG-67) and USS CHOSIN (CG-65)
LT Joseph Parrish
1977-1979 Retired as O4 in 1985. Successful utility career ended in July 2012 with retirement to enjoy family and idle time.
LT William F. Peterson
1987-1991 LT, USN, Retired. Working at Defensive Concepts, Inc., teaching at the Kenpo Karate Self Defense Institute (K.K.S.D.I.)
Chesapeake's Dominion Shopping Center, VA
LCDR Patrick A. Piercey
1987-1990: R Division, A Division, Reactor Training Assistant, and First Lieutenant. 1996-1997: Engineering Officer. Now a CDR. Assumed command of USS HOWARD (DDG-83) on 13 Dec 02. Homeported in San Diego. The former ET1(SW) James is now CMDMC(SW) James and HOWARD's CMC.
LT Greg Purdy
1989-1993 Project Engineer at RGD Project Management in Cary, NC.
LT Tim Rogers
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1989-1992 CIVLANT, now a nuclear engineer at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant
in Southern Maryland.
CWO3 Gregory J Sanches
1991-1994 Currently working for the US Army as a Weapons Maintenance Instructor at Ft Wainwright Alaska.
LT Jeff Sanden
1994-1997 Information System Security Consultant, Argotek, Inc.
LT Lawrence E. Schander
1977-1980 Plankowner/Battery Control Officer/Weapons Dept. Officer. Retired USN in 1981.Currently retired near Phoenix, AZ.
LT John R. Schmidt
1994-1997 Operations Officer, USS RUSSELL (DDG-59)
LT Michael Schunk
1987-1990 R-Div, M-2 Div, MPA. Returned to NJ in 1990 for engineering operations and sales. Living in Morristown, NJ, military capital of the Revolutionary War.
CDR Marc Schweighofer
1992-1995 Currently serving as Deputy, Installation Planning and Design at SPAWAR, San Diego. Retiring Sep 2013.
LTJG John Seifert
1995-1997 LCDR, RTA aboard USS ENTERPRISE.
LCDR William A. Sheehan
1991-1993 Commanding Officer, USS Cardinal (MHC-60)
LT John Selberg
1982-1984 CDR, USN (Retired). Former EWO onboard Mighty Mississippi. Retired from active service September 1997. Presently work for MAXIM Systems, Inc., in San Diego, CA, as Project Manager for the Challeng Athena Satellite Communications system, supporting SPAWARSYSCOM.
LCDR Bill Sheehan
1991-1993 CDR, Commanding Officer, USS THACH(FFG-43), FPO AP 96679-1493, San Diego, CA.
LTJG Gary Shrout
1977-1979 Plank owner. Commissioning Food Service Officer and collateral duty Public Affairs Officer for Presidential commissioning ceremony. Produced the commissioning book. Changed designators to Public Affairs on departure from MISSISSIPPI. Retired in 1999. Recently the civilan Public Affairs Officer for the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), now civilan PAO for the Naval Aviation Enterprise (NAE).
LT Howard Thomas
1985-1988 Mathematician, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren, VA
LTJG Rick Trevisan
1993-1996 LCDR, heading to newport for school then reporting to USS NICHOLAS (FFG 47) as XO in Feb 06.
LT Mark Tuneff
1987-1990 Senior Research Engineer, Ford Motor Company, Dearborn, Michigan
LT Chuck Weikel
1981-1983 President, ABC Industries, Mendota, IL.
LT David Wilson
1994-1997 Assistant OPS MGR - Surry Power Station
LT Robert Wray
1980-1984 Got off Active in 1987. Have been in Reserves since then. Now director of Reserve Fleet Support Teams for SPAWARSYSCOM San Diego. Live in RI, work as Energy Engineer/Consultant.
LT Alan Young
1994-1997 Engineer, Bethlehem Steel, Sparrows Point, MD.
LTJG Carl Zeigler
1994-1997 LCDR, RMA aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71)
Norfolk, VA
by Jose' Diaz