Name Dates
Now. . .
SK1(SW) Rick Baker
SK2(SW) Brian Bauer
SH2 Robert B. Davis
1981-1983 Currently work for Saturn Corporation as an Operating Technician
SK1 Gary Doan
1977-1979 Nov 1976, 1st Crew member to report. Checked in to Texas and met CO who was on leave at the time. Set up our Precom welcome aboard packages, office spaces, vehicles, etc. Welcomed PNSN's/YNSN's, YNC Fulmer and Suppo LCDR James Utter. Retired July 95 as SKCM. Currently a Systems Analyst with Integic Corporation.
SH3 Keith Gregory
1987-1991 I live in the cincinnati ohio area i work for a local school and i am also a part time deputy jailer at a local county jail.
SH2 Larry Hinnant
1978-1981 Currently I am disabled But moving forward in life.
SH2 Greg Howell
1981-1985 Left ship in 85. Back to work as a truck driver, been doing it ever since. Married 2 kids 2 cars 1 Harley new house doing OK Looking for BM3 Rick O'Conner can anyone help me?
SH2 Charles Jones
SK3 Jon Jourdonnais
1987-1991 Currently living in Michigan, working for a tier 1 supplier as a Global injeciton mold tooling buyer.
SK3 Alan Langron
1982-1985 Retired as an SK1
SK1(SW) David Kaiver
1993-1997 SK1(SW), SIMA MAYPORT, Mayport, FL.
SHSN James Meeks
SK1 Glenn Mercier
1984-1987 Retired in 1999 as skc with 21 years. currently a customs and border protection (cbp)officer on the canadian border.
SH3 Ken Nichols
1987-1991 AS of Feb 07 I will be retiring from the Navy as an SH1. I am in Jacksonville, FL but will be moving to Marion, IN in Jan 2007.
SK1(SW) Robert Nix
1989-1193 Retired SKCS(SW) in Sep. 2004.
SH3 Joe Pasquini
1977-1980 ot out of Navy in 1980. Married 14 years. Two kids..boy 13, girl 8. GO NINERS. Well in the 80's.
SKSN Silvio Renzulli
1982-1986 Reenlisted in active reserve in 1997-2000 and was stationed at Military Sealift Command NR COMSCLANT 102 where I finally made Petty Officer 3rd class. My final duty station was Naval Weapons Station Earle Explosive Offload Team 3.
SK2(SW) Riccardo Rodriguez
1980-1984 Entered the US Navy January 20, 1980 and was Discharged January 20, 1986. Served 4 years active duty and 2 years in-active reserve. Reported to the Uss Mississippi Cgn-40, I believe it was from April 1980 to January 1984.
SH2 Charile Rouse
1979-1983 I currently own 22 cemeteries and 6 funeral homes in 6 states and still growing bigger everyday.
SKCM(SW) Harry Seigle