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STG1(SW) Mike Bell
1987-1990 Retired STGC. Current Department of the Navy employee.
STG1(SW) Michael Borshell
1988-1990 Sr. Elect4ronics Technician in Carlsbad, CA working on zinc air fuel cells.
STG3(SW) James W. Brocato
1986-1989 I work as a office manager at a Pittsburgh Fortune 500 Company. Does anyone know what happened to STGSN Douglas Crane?
STG2(SW) John Pete Brown
1989-1992 Hello to all the current PING jockeys I served with from 1989 to 1992. I am currently in San Diego, CA., but selling all my properties and moving to Lafayete, LA in June of 2004 for the slow life. I am currently a Server Farm Project Manager for EDS in the southwest region, soon to be southeast. For all still active YES I Am on NMCI> Well I hope all have found successes in life. I look forward to hearing from any and all I served with during those years CGN 40 was Haze Gray and never HOME.
STG3 Tony J. 1995-1997 Retired BMC(SW). RETIRED!
STG3 Brendon E. Foley
1992-1993 After serving as a Naval Recruiter, I left active duty for the second and final time in December 1997 as a STG2. Although I served aboard the Mississippi for only a short time, I was proud to receive my Battle 'E' there, and only wish I could have been there to see the decom. Best wishes to all who served with me from 92-93! And I have to say a special thanks to the XO and Command Chaplain. You worked so hard to get me home with my family in their time of need. I will never forget your guidance and support, nor will I forget your belief in me. Thanks again. Fair Winds and Following Seas.

My last duty station was at the Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth, TX. Currently I am a Medical Assistant and working on my degree for Nurse Anesthetist.
STG1 Steven Gabrish
1987-1989 POLICE SGT.- Milwaukee, WI
STG1 Rudy Koch
1985-1987 Civilian, CNA, MSCE
STG2 Jay Lord
1982-1984 semi-retired since 2012
STG2(SW) Gary
STG2 Wayne J Moore
1978-1981 Fire Protection contracting business owner since 1985.
STG2 Donald Ocheltree
1991-1994 Retired
STG2 John Seymour
1978-1981 Plank Owner. I am a Ladle metallurgy Operator.
STG2 John F. Tarpey
1978-1982 Plankowner, STGCS(SW) Retired
STG2 Clifford L. Tichenor
1979-1982 Network security engineer U. S. Department of Homeland Security.
STG1 Don Wamsley
1978-1981 Director, Customer Service
STG3(SW) Timothy Wheaton
1989-1963 Currently living in Mesa, Arizona At Banner Health shipping and receiving. After I left the ship for shore duty (Security) I went to the west coast to NRRF Imperial Beach, CA for three years and finished out my 10 on the USS McClusky FFG-41. Got out in 1998.
STG3 James "Spud" Williams
1990-1994 After re-enlisting in the Navy Reserves in 2001, I was called back to active duty and sent to Washington Navy Yard in DC. After de-mobilizing in 2003, I was offered a civilian position as a Police Officer at WNY and transferred to the 1/175th Infantry (Light) of the MD National Guard which became 1/158th Cavalry (RECON/RSTA). I have served as a DoD (US Navy) civilian at WNY, US Naval Observatory, US Naval Academy and currently at NAS Patuxent River. I serve as the Police/Security Training Officer, Rapid Response Team Commander, and Police Recruit School Commander.
STG2 Frank Zellner
1985-1987 Served in the Naval Reserve in Buffalo, NY until 1990. Honorably discharged with a rank of STG2. Currently a salesman for Mister Snacks Inc and a Baseball coach for my two boys. Married for 17 years with boys ages 14 and 12.
by Jose' Diaz