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SM3 Rick Alarcon
1978-1980 In Jan '78 came to Independence Hall's precom crew and stripped & waxed the decks so many times, surprised the place was left standing! Squino! Merideth! Ski! Gamby! WTF!?!? I left in '80 for beautify NAS Pensacola.. Live in the Atlanta area. Great to see this site!! Kept Chief Ward on his toes!!
SM2(SW) Larry H. Andes
SM2(SW) Saad Al-Aziz
1986-1990 Currently a LT at Naval Hospital Beaufort. I would enjoy hearing from any of my old shipmates who remember me.
SM2 Michael E Boykin
1989-1993 After leaving Dec'93 during Haitian Ops, rpt to USS Enterprise,CGN-65 for 2yrs, Beachmaster Unit-2, Team 4,for 3yrs, NAS Oceana MWR/Shore Duty for 2yrs, and lastly Beachmaster Unit 2, Team 4 for 3yrs. Retired from Beachmaster Unit 2 on July 29, 2005, 20yrs of Honorable Service as SM2(SW/AW, and currently back in Richmond area with preps to return to college, Liberty University in the fall '08 for a BS degree in Management Information Systems and starting a new job on an Army post March '08.
SM1 Patrick Day
1991-1995 Currently Assistant Supervisor of Wastewater Treatment Plant in Spencer, IN
SM1 Lawrence Fiorillo
1992-1994 Currently MAC(SW/AW) working for NCIS stationed at NAB Little Creek. Those who know...I saw Boykin...yes MEB was around and still a 2nd class. Would love to hear from the old gang.
SMSN Keith Hogarty
1993-1996 Left the Navy, went back to the Bronx. Working as a Tech for Verizon Comm.
SM2 Mike Moore
1989-1994 I left the Mighty Miss in 92 and went on to NAS Memphis. I got out of the Navy in 95 and I am currently a Captain with the Collierville, TN Police Department, located just east of Memphis, TN.
SM3(SW) Jason D. Reece
1988-1990 President of Focus Architecture in Kansas City. Married with 3 children - 10, 7, & 3.
SM2 T.J. Stanley
1989-1990 Living in Kentucky. Currently working as an underground mine forman. If we served together, please email me.
SM 3 Scott Walton
1992-1996 Left Miss. and Navy after 4yrs in 96. I am now in commercial real estate finance. The Miss. was a great life experience, I met alot of great people and a few a-holes, but who cares we were all miserable underway. My thoughts and prayers are with you all that are still serving.
SM3 Matthew Whalen
1993-1996 Currently an IS1 at US Southern Command, Miami. Spent most of my time in Deck Division on the MISS. Made SM3 a few months before I left.
by Jose' Diaz