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ET?(SW) Bob Adams
1986-1990 Currently in SRO license class at Point Beach. Former RO at Commanche Peak
ET2 Stewart Adams
1980-1983 SCRAM'd after 6 yrs and worked as an ET at NASA for 12 yrs.
Now and Electrical Engineering Tech for Philip Morris, USA
ET1(SW) Phillip L. Alexander
1983-1986 ETC(SW), Code 152 Carrier Overhaul Nuclear Production Controller
Newport News, VA
ET2 Brian Artz
1988-1992 I&C Tech at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant
ET2 Philip Bales
ET1(SW) Larry Barnett
1978-1980 Retired LT, currently City Councilman
City of Leander, TX
ET1 Peter Beke
1981-1986 Left active duty Jan.86. Have been in Reserves ever since. Former (ceramic) materials engineer, now teaching HS math in Belvidere, IL.
ET1 Scott Betterton
1982-1986 Retired from Naval Reserves August 2001 as an ETC. Currently working as Medical Coordinator for Crawford County District 1 Fire Department.
ET1 Paul Beyer
1980-1983 Went to NPTU, Ballston Spa the Nine Mile Two Station. Moved out west and now own my own business. Life is great, 4.0! Only glow once in a while now.
ET1(SW) Randy Boris
1977-1980 Been at Point Beach Nuclear Plant since getting out. Was an operator, now an instrument tech. Divorced, remarried, got kids, grandkids, cats. Part-time cheap mechanic at a local motorcycle shop. Into BMW motorcycles and touring, guns, archery, reloading, hunting, and living.
ET2(SW) Brian Britton
1988-1992 Operations & Maintenance Manager Aquila Services Inc.
ET3 Michael Bunch
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1983-1987 Maint Tech, Bridgestone Tire
Lavergne, TN
ET2 Sean Butler
1988-1991 See me on LinkedIn for the latest. I move and shake. Happily married and raising a couple of boys in central Florida.
ET1 Timothy P. Cairns
1988-1992 Student, William and Mary School of Law
ET2 Dan Campbell
1990-1994 Figured since I could barely stay awake in the Navy on watch, why try in the civilian world. Now I fix computers at Regent University, and have a business on the side.
ET2 Tom Canning
1988-1992 Flight Instructor (CFII, MEI), SK1 USNR
ET1 Jeff Cantrell
1984-1989 Left Navy in '92 as ETC; currently self employed as universal design consultant.
ET? Bill Clements
1987-1991 Currently Vice President of Service for an electronics dealership in Central North Carolina.
ET2 Ed Clark
ET1(SW) Ernest Cvetkovic
1987-1991 Nuclear Plant Operator
Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant
ET1(SW) Carl Faub
1994-1997 Left the Navy in March 2000, as ETC.  Currently Project Manager at Westinghouse's Nuclear Service Division
ET2 Robert Gee
1979-1984 Happily married to Marcia CDR USN Retired
Working at in Long Beach, MS at Triton Systems LLC as Sr Quality Tech
ET1 Frank Geisler
1978-1979 Pre-Com unit/Plank owner. Was on watch in #2 engine room during the commissioning ceremony, President Carter shook my hand! Currently am a control tech (since 1981) for PG&E at Diablo Canyon. Digging the California central coast
ET1(SW) Jens Gilbert
1993-1997 Got out in 2003, avoided commercial power for 3 years. I got in with FL Power and Light at the St Lucie plant recently because that's where the money is.
ET1(SW) Charles E. Grant
1989-1994 Assembly Tech at Whiteoak Semiconductor in Sandston, VA.
ET2 Larry Grant
1992-1994 I was medically retired in 1996 and moved out to the Blue Ridge mountains in western Virginia. I went to Virginia Tech for EE and my wife Chantelle went to Radford University, for social work. I went back now to study that because we are going to open an equestrian facilitated mental health ranch some day. I miss ALL of you guys!! Take care and God Bless!!
ETSN Marty Hall
1988-1990 Electronic/Automation Technician at Michelin Tire Corp., Lexington, SC.
ET2 John Harvey
1979-1982 System Engineer at Arkansas Nuclear One, Russellville.
ET1(SW) Derek Hayes
1981-1984 Retired CWO3/ETCM(SW). I now own my own Technical Recruiting Firm in Norfolk, VA. If you're looking to change careers, email me.
ET2(SW) Brian Heasley
1987-1992 LDO LT; DPMA, Submarine Repair at Pearl Harbor Shipyard
ET1(SW) Raymond Jamesraymond.james@jtfcs.northcom.mil
1985-1988 I went into the CMC program in 2002. Went on to be the CMC of USS HOWARD (DDG 83) with CDR Piercey as CO. After the HOWARD, I went to the NAvla War College as one of the first two enlisted folks to graduate from the in-residence course in Nov 05. Currently the CMC for Joint Task Force - Civil Support.
ET2(SW) Michael B. Kennedy
1978-1981 I am an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. I am engaged to be married on Oct. 15, 2006!
ET2 Bob Kobige
1987-1992 Currently a Control Room Operator for Sunbury Generation, LLC at Shamokin Dam, PA and a part-time, wanna-be rock star.
ET1 Sal La Duca
1977-1981 Pre-Comm/Plank Owner. Bau-Biologist, as decribed on own website. Cater to Chemically and Electically sensitive equipment, and repair transistors for big business to make ends meet.
ET2 Scott Lavoie
1992-1995 Supervisor at IDEXX laboratories were we manufacture and repair electronic blood diagnostic equipment used in veterinarian hospitals
ET1 Larry Leo
1981-1984 Retired ETC after stint as sole Electronics Planner at SIMA Little Creek, Repair 3M coordinator for USS Shenandoah, and Instructor at FTC Norfolk. Now Electro-mechanical technician at Analog Devices Inc. (A Semi-conductor manufacturer)
ET2 Tom Longtine
1985-1988 Sergeant, Bonney Lake Police Dept., Washington state.
ET3 Mark Markham
1984-1988 Pipefitter with DaimlerChrysler Belvidere Assembly, Belvedere, IL.
ET2 John McCroskey
1978-1983 Nuclear Test Engineering Supervisor, Newport News Shipbuilding
ET2(SW) Charles "Tony" McMahan
1988-1992 Lieutenant and Precinct Commander with the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office in Canton, Georgia.
ET1(SW) Anthony W Moore
1985-1991 After getting out in 3/93, messed around for 10 years before working for USPS as an ET and getting sent back to school in Norman, OK many times over the last 6 years.
ET1 Keith Morris
1978-1982 Production supervisor, Union, KY
ET2 Jim "Beetle" Myers
1988-1992 Left the Miss and got married in 92. Currently working as a Project Manager for Q-MATIC (Many have probably used our equipment and not known it). Married with one son. Living in Hendersonville NC best place on earth.
ET2 Eric Nehf
1987-1990 Control Room Operator at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant in Maryland. Married with two children.
ET2 Jeremiah Niedzwiecki
1995-1997 Project Manager for BAE Systems
ET1(SW) John Oviatt
1994-1997 ETC(SS/SW), Currently at NNPTC Charleston SC. Did a tour at NPTU Ballston Spa, converted to Submarines, served on USS Hartford (SSN 768) and advanced to ETC, then transferred to USS Helena (SSN 725).
ET3 Mark Parker
1983-1986 Quality Engineer for Allied Signal Aerospace
ET1 Lou Portella
1991-1994 Retired in May 2007 after 20 years! Working as a Control Room Operator at the Surry Nuclear Power Plant on the way to Senior Reactor Operator!
ET1 Hillis A. Pratt, Jr.
1983-1986 Nuclear I&C Tech, North Anna Nuclear Power Station
Mineral, VA
ET2 Lou Portella
1991-1994 ET1(SW/AW) Lou Portella louportella@gmail.com Currently on shore duty at Commander, Naval Air Forces Atlantic, Surface Nuclear Propulsion Office. I retire in May! Drop me a line and I'll send you an invite if you'll be in Norfolk then...
ET2 Frank Purdy
1981-1985 I received a BSEE from Penn State in 1993. I'm working as a Project Engineer for a systems integrator in Berwick, Pa. We provide process and utility equipment and controls for pharmaceutical clients.
ET2 David A. Rathbun
1978-1982 Retired in October 2014 after working at Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station for 32 years. Was an RO at both NMP1 and NMP2. Two kids, three grandkids and another on the way!
ET2 Steve Reid
1988-1992 Control Operator
James A. Fitzpatrick Nuclear Power Plant
ET2(SW) Travis S. Richason
1993-1997 ET1 serving on board the Harry S. Truman CVN-75 as the RXDC LCPO. I also served on the South Carolina CGN-37 and NRd Raleigh at NRS Fayetteville, Spring Lake, Sanford.
ET1 Scott Richer
1990-1994 Sun Workstation/Windows PC integratration IBM, Essex Junction, VT
ET3 Aaron Rinehart
1983-1988 System Operations, Allegheny Power
ET1 Curt Robert
1989-1992 Operations Training Instructor, Brunswick Nuclear Power Plant.
ET2 Mark H. Rollings
1983-1986 Electrical Engineer in Austin, TX
ET2 Lyman Saltsman
1993-1995 Electrical and Instrumentation Supervisor at Finch Pruyn Paper, Glens Falls NY. www.finchpaper.com
ET1(SW) Tim Schares
1977-1980 Plankowner. I am now out of nuclear power (since 1999), and working at a combined cycle gas turbine plant, and also a part-time massage therapist. I have 4 kids, the oldest in the Army.
ET2 Todd M. Schroeder
1990-1994 Software Programmer/Controls Engineer for Honeywell PAI, Lakewood, CO.
ET1 Joseph Soltis
1991-1993 Civilian,Quad Cities Nuclear Power Plant
Cordova, IL
ET1(SW) Michael T. Smith
1987-1989 Got out in 1989. Worked in industrial maintenance field with various companies since then. Married for 22 years with 2 children.
ET1 Scott Smith
1986-1990 Worked in I&C at Calvert Cliffs for 8 years, then 4 years in I&C at Ginna Nuclear Power Plant in upstate New York (closer to home!) and currently an Aux Operator at Ginna. Married for 17 years as of December 2006, 2 sons.
ET2 Stephen Snider
1995-1997 Spent 11 years in. Also served on the Nimitz and NPTU Ballston Spa. Got out, I work at Ginna Nuclear Station in training.
ET2 Robert "Bob" Spriggs
1978-1981 Got out early and kept the bonus!
ET2 Clifton J. Stoddart
1985-1991 This year, May 2011, I will celebrate 25 years of marriage, with 3 daughters! Still working at the same power plant since discharge from Navy. I am doing well, healthy and loving my life and family!
ET1(SW) Barry Stroup
1986-1990 Hi all! I've been in South Carolina since I took my last stroll off the Miss in 1990. I'm still married (21 yrs). My son is a senior at Clemson (GO TIGERS!!!) and my daughter is starting her freshman year at College of Charleston (go cougars...ugh). As for myself, I busted a few atoms at V.C. Summer Nuclear Station before a herniated disk in 2004 took me in other directions. No worries. Feel free to email at my Google account.
ET1 Michael D. Sutton
1982-1985 Left police work after 10 years. Entered into the PGA professional golf management program, current Assistant Professional/Pro shop manager at The Links at Stono Ferry in Hollywood, SC. Just outside SC.
ET1 Jim Tinlin
1977-1979 Plank Owner. Was on watch during commissioning in #1 Engine Room. Got out in '79 and worked for Westinghouse as a Control Room Simulator Instructor. Got a ride back to my home state of California and have been working at Diablo Canyon ever since (OPS, Training, Maintenance, Supervisor, etc.)
Ready to retire 04/01/2011 after 30 years, moving to Kingman, Az.
ET1(SW) Leo Trottier
1984-1988 Hi, I am currently married to Patti, since 1992. I have three children Wyatt (1995) Ryder and Riley (1997). USN 1982-1988 I worked at Brayton Point Station in Somerset Mass from 1989-1999. I left the power industry and have been working since as a Controls Specialist at Gillette Shaving Headquarters in Boston.
ET1 Doug VanValkenburgh
1989-1993 Nuclear Controls Technician
Hope Creek Generating Station
ET1(SW) Steve Walker
1993-1997 NFAS Charleston, SC. Instructor for I&CE Div. Getting out 05Sep00.
ET2 Gary Ward
1978-1981 After 15 years as SRO at Shearon Harris, I'm now most proud of becoming an ex-nuke. Now a trainer at Wyeth Vaccines. Also joined reserves in 1986. Made LDO and now LCDR.
ET2 Brain Webster

1995-1997 Living outside of DC working for a software company. Spent my last duty station at Pearl Harbor HI and got out in Jan 2003.
ET2 Paul West
1995-1997 Went to USS Harry S Truman, then got out and have worked at LaSalle nuclear station in Operations since.
ET1 Rich West
1992-1997 Got out, worked 2 years for Duke Engineering Services, 2 years for Vermont Yankee Nuc Power Corp as a Lead Auditor in their QA department, currently work in Operations at Vermont Yankee, owned by Entergy. Great to all you guys are doing well! Have some great memories looking back on those times.
ET2 Frank Winter
1982-1985 I have been happily married for 21 years, and have been blessed with 4 wonderful children. After leaving the Navy, I finished an Engineering degree at University of Maryland, and have held various positions over the years: Shift Test Engineer, Quality Control Inspector, Training Instructor, Senior Engineer, Corrective Actions Manager, etc. I currently live in Illinois, and am in the SRO license class at Dresden Nuclear station. "Hello!" to former shipmates, some of whom I have seen over the years!
ETC(SW) John L. Zoll
1982-1992 2 tours on board, Apr 82'- May'85 and Jan'89-Dec'92. Promoted to ETCS at NPS Orlando following my second tour. Last tour accomplished on Big E, '96-'00. Now working on space shuttle electrical power distribution systems at Kennedy Space Center. Good place for a nuke to go to 'play'.... Ahoy mates!
by Jose' Diaz