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Now. . .
RM3 Danny Carroll
1992-1994 Living the civilian life ... Dyehouse Supervisor ...
RMCM(SW) Ernie Chapman
1986-1991 Hello to everyone! Retired from the Navy 1993(30 years). I was a Hot Dog vendor for couple of years(Haven't had a good hot dog since). Worked as a Recreational Vehicle Salesman, selling motorhomes and such, for 10 years. Now retired again but still working part time at Hall Automotive as DX Driver. A fun job. I see several names on the alfa roster of people I know...Contact me anytime on email for a chat.... Note: For those that remember, Master Chief Dan Walker passed away. He was a good friend and greatly missed.
RM1 Shawn L. Crevier
RM3(SW) Wayne Cribb
1991-1992 Owner of Professional Entertainment Company in Myrtle Beach, SC.
RM2(SW) Thomas Deviine
1980-1983 I have many fond memories of the "Mighty Miss" and the shipmates I served with. After leaving the service, I went into the Hamburger business and have become a Licensee of the McDonald's system. My Wife and I own several restaurants in the suburbs of Houston. We have diversified the business into a small cattle ranch in South Texas, a joint venture partnership of a driving school in Southern California, the Owner of three full service car wash facilities and a recent venture into an advertising company. Together, we have two children; one completing Law School and our youngest headed to University this fall (2014). I directly attribute many of these successful business ventures to the lessons I learned while in the Navy and aboard the Mississippi !
RM3 Eugene
1983-1986 Left active navy in 1986, served in the naval reserve until 1992. I work at National City Bank processing loans. I am attending classes at Indiana Wesley University here in Cleveland. Please get in touch with me. Miss you all. GO NAVY!
RM1 Wesley L. Edwards Jr. "Wes"
1977-1982 Retired RMC Nov 1992. Currently work for the U.S. Postal Service in Alpena, MI.
RM2 Dennis Eisel
1988-1991 I am currently working at a hospital in Toledo Ohio in the Financial Services department. I am also a professional magician on evenings and weekends.
RM3 Brian Evans
1988-1991 Level III Tech support for a local broadband, voice over IP and cable company.
RM1 Bill Frede
1982-1983 Retired in 1983 at NTCC NAS Breezy Point (Norfolk). Worked at NTC Orlando till Base Closure, Now drive 18 wheeler.
RMCS(SW) George Hasick
1979-1982 Currently work as a GS-12 at MARMC in Norfolk, Virginia. Formally FTSCLANT and MOTU-2. Work as an Electronic Tech. Graduated Magna Cum Laude ST LEO Collegein 1989. Enjoyed everyone on CGN-40. Still meet alot of ex-CGN-40 Sailors on the waterfronts around the world.
RM2(SW) Jeffrey J. Hatch
1985-1988 Forced out in 1996 thanks to clinton. Now live/work in Toledo, Ohio. I work at a local hospital in the emergency room, as a unit clerk.
RM3 Louis Hoffert
1988-1990 Work for Lennox industries, heating and air conditioning now for 22 years. married, 2 grown up daughters, and play the bass guitar in two rock bands.
RM2 Lenard Hood
1979-1980 Currently in a career as a Senior Programmer Analyst.
RM3 Terrye J. Jackson
1986-1989 No information given.
RM2 Lorenzo E. Johnson
1989-1991 Currently Advance System Engineer for Titan Corporation at Ramstein Air Base in Kaiserslautern, Germany.
RM3 Mike Kennedy
1990-1992 Own a Internet/Computer business in Ocala, FL.
RM3 Robert Mandl
1978-1980 Master Electrician-Florida
Master-Draftsman-Kennedy Space Center

Married-Widowed-2 Children
Married again- with one child

Mustered out of Navy RM1 in Sept 1985.

I was part of the nucleus crew and Commissioning Crew I am a Plank Owner
RM2 Justin Mellberg 1990-1993 Deceased. Justin passed away on Nov 22, 2000.
RM2(SW) Robert Meridth 1976-1980 Sadly Robert Merideth`s son reported that his father passed away in 2005 from skin cancer.
RM3 Philip Moores
1992-1995 I just wanted to say hi to all the fellow PPL I served with on board with and Ya'll feel free to write to me anytime.
RM2 Bob Patten
1978-1979 Worked for almost 25 Years in various positions from Customer/Field Support servicing equipment in the newspaper and commercial printing industry, the last eleven years I was Marketing Product Manage. After that the last 10 years have been employed at United Parcel Service last seven of which I have been full time. I currently work inside as a package handler, and did spend a few years driving either as an Air driver or as a "regular" package car driver.
RM2 Bob Penwell
1985-1988 I work as a IT Specialist for the Army. Since I left the navy in 1988. I started working for the army with the 114TH SIG BN out of Ft Detrick Md. Counting military time i just went over 35 yrs service. Retirement in a few more years.
RM3 David Pestella
1985-1988 IT1, NAVCOMTELSTA, San Diego, CA
RM3 Kevin Pruitt
1990-1993 Worked as Process Technician at Sealed Air Plant, and own Anytime Fitness franchise in upstate SC.
RM2(SW) Bob Rand
1982-1986 I was TAD at Group 8 when I was DC'd, So I did'nt get to see a lot of people before I left. I keep in touch with Bobby Kiem, any one hear from Kirk Ross? I'm working in Homeland Security in Boston att. Good luck to all my old Shipmates, the Mighty Miss will live forever!!
RM1 Duane T. Riley
1982-1984 Retired in 93. I've been in the food/beverage "biz" since.
RM3 Jason B. Sallot
1991-1993 Got out in Aug. 1993. Currently working in D.C. for a law firm as Records Manager.
RM1 Tom Saunders
1978-1980 Plankowner, Nucleus Crew. Retired CWO3.
RM2 Danny T. Smith
1978-1981 U.S. Naval Reserves 1981 to 2003. Retired as ITC. In my civilian career I have been a computer programmer/analyst since 1984. I also run a lawncare and landscape company parttime.
RM2 James Warnsing
RMCM(SW) Martin A. Warren


Retired as RMCM(SW) in Jun 1987. Plankowner. Served as Acting OIC of Precom Unit until arrival of PXO LCDR S. Jones. Served as Assistant OIC of Balance Crew to LCDR J. Taylor. Was first Senior Enlisted advisor until arrival of OSCM J. Hayden. Was the senior RM onboard during my tour. Was stationed on the bridge during commissioning ceremony. Always grateful to LCDR J. Taylor for his trust and support. Retired officially in Nov 1996 and live in Chesapeake, VA.
RM1 Jeff Whetsel
1992-1993 Living in Indianapolis, IN
RM3 Michael Wilks
1992-1995 I work as a program analyst for a company that deal with and maintain software for financial institutions.

RM3 Keith L. Zierler

1982-1986 Retired from the Navy and now working for SAIC in Misawa, Japan.
by Jose' Diaz