Quarter Masters
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QM3(SW) Scott Cook
1993-1997 I am a fireman in Takoma Park, MD, and happy as hell. The time I spent on the Mississippi was when I grew up- hell, we all did. Remember coming home from the Carribbean in late fall and hitting the North wall; 30 ft waves and me puking till it looked like cool whip...getting sick from swimming in the ocean near Rhodes...the hooker with the adams apple.....Ahhh....memories....
QM1(SW) Larry Fahey
1982-1987 Currently QMCM aboard USS Ronald Reagan (CVN-76) ... something I'll blame on Chris.
QM2 A.L. Granger
1986-1993 QM1, Recreational Staffer.
QM3 Norman Holder
1984-1987 I've been teaching high school English since 1996. The kids like my Navy stories.
QM3 Ted Lemon
1985-1989 Currently working at Newport News Shipbuilding in engineering.
QM2 Chris O'Hare
1979-1984 Retired in 1999, took a real estate career.
QM3 Jeff Philbeck
1985-1987 Truck Driver, Charlotte, N.C.
QM3 Augustine A. Roman
1990-1993 I'm currently working for UPS,I'm also part of the Texas Army National Guard Reserves
QM3 Shayne Shiner
1990-1991 Branch Manager, Homemakers Furniture, Chicago Metropolitan area.
QMSN David Walker
1977-1979 Pre-Comm Unit in Independence Hall helping build and complete her and then proud Plankowner. I was QM of the Watch on the Quarterdeck at the Commissioning Ceremony with President Jimmy Carter. Made her first trip to Rio in South America! Spent 12 years in the USN (10 at sea, 2 in Italy). Got a degree in Radiology and practiced for 3 years. Now a travel agent selling cruises. Go figure!
QM3 Philip Wilson
1979-1981 oined up with US Merchant Marine following Navy and spent the next 20 years working Maritime Pre-positioning Fleet Guam/Saipan Persian Gulf.
Then worked as Relief Capt on Offshore Supply vessels Gulf of Mexico running 220ft Dynamic position Supply Boats

Retired from the sea in 2003 with an ankle disability.
Presently live in Idaho with my wife of 34 years
by Jose' Diaz