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YN3 Dennis Adams
1981-1984 Plant Manager, Mountain Valley Spring Water, Plastics Container Division. 300,000,000 PET plastic bottles for water & soda annually.
PN2(SW) Michael H. Brandau
1995-1997 PN1(SW), Navy Recruiter/Classifier at Navy Recruiting District Nashville, TN
PN3 Mike Carr
1990-1992 Sadly, we lost our shipmate Mike on October 3rd, 2014.
Where is PN3 George "Sandy" Sanford? If anyone has any info on his where abouts, please contact me.
PN1(AW) Ronnie CarterRonnie.Carter@AFBIC.COM 1992-1995 PN1(AW) Ronnie Carter, USN(RET), Arrived Oct 1995 Transferred to PSD NAVSTA Norfolk, Va in October 1995. Transeferred to Fleet Reserve 31JUL97. Currently Training Specialist for Farm Bureau of Arkansas. Currently residing in Jacksonville, AR with my Bride and two children ages 7 & 4.
NC1(SW) Jose J. Cordero
I served on MISSISSIPPI two tours (85-87 and 95-97). Retired in 1999 and worked for Capstone Corporation until Jan 2006. I and my family are in the process of moving to Arizona with Cadence International as directors of the Ft Huachuca Hospitality House. We will be ministering to the men and women stationed there. If in the area, please drop in for some fellowship.
PN1(SW) Grady Evett
1981-1983 Acting Force Master Chief COMNAVAIRLANT.
PN3 Eric Foulk
1992-1995 Current Occupation: Technical Account Manager for Solutionary. Just recently moved to Columbus, OH
PN3 Rogelio Gonzalez
1994-1997 PS1 (SW/AW) (RET) Aug 2014, Last station was USS LEYTE GULF (CG 55) Norfolk, Va.
MA1 Timothy Hedgecock
1994-1997 Retired from Navy in 2000. Work for Schlumberger Oilfield Co. as a service supervisor in Coiled Tubing.
YN3 Jack Jackson
1990-1993 Truck Driver for ABC Supply Co. in Greensboro, North Carolina
YN3 Ivan L. Jones
1995-1997 YNC(SW/SCW) Ivan L. Jones, Headquarters, European Command stationed in Stuttgart, Germany
PN2 Kevin Lance
1983-1988 Currently a bridge construction inspector for the N.C. Dept. of Transportation.
JO3 John Larscheid
1977-1979 I am a plank owner, now working at Milwaukee Public Television.
PN3 Robert Lee
1977-1980 Married to my second wife of 12 years. Have 5 kids, 1 granddaughter. Sales manager for a Ford dealership in Las Vegas, NV
PN2 Raymond Nason
1990-1995 Reach the rank of PN1 prior to being disch NOV2001 from PSD NAVSTA NORVA. Completed my training in the electronic service program currently working as field service tech with GTECH corp.
YN2(SW) Bill Ramsdale
1979-1981 disabled, working on obtaining master of divinty degree. Married since 1982, have 5 children
PN3 Sandy Sanford
1988-1991 Imagery Intelligence Analyst, Boeing/Autometric.
YN2 Malachi Waring
1977-1980 Retired RP1 in 1995, retired Florida Department of Corrections 2013. Plankowner, third person to report onboard in Newport News Shipbuilding.
YN2 Brian Warren
1977-1980 Pre-commissioning Unit, Plank Owner. Graduated College 1984, Computer Science. Senior Project Leader/IT Architect at CommScope, Inc., Hickory, NC. Married for 22 years, 2 kids!
YN3 Warren Weiler
1977-1979 Served on PRECOM and left in July 1979. Currently living in Hilliard, Ohio. Working as a Nursing Supervisor. Retired from Pleasant Valley Fire District (Plain City Ohio).
YN2(SW) Rogie C. Wright
1994-1997 PN1(SW/AW) Rogie C. Wright, Navy Recruiting District, Philadelphia, PA. Navy Classifier stationed @ Fort Dix, MEPS, Fort Dix, NJ.
YN3(SW) Ben Yarbrough
1994-1996 YN2(SW), Enlisted Classifier at Naval Recruiting District
Montgomery, AL
by Jose' Diaz