Name Dates
Now. . .
CTR1(SW) Victor Adkins
1986-1989 Retired Jan 1999. Now working for General Dynamics.
CTO3 Robert Bragg
1984-1986 Retired NOV 2003. Now working as the Radio System Administrator for York County Department of Emergency Services (911), Pennsylvania.
EW1(SW) J.C. Burns
1994-1997 EW1(SW), OWO1 LPO, USS Portland (LSD-37)
Little Creek, VA
CTO3(SW) Doug Casto
1994-1996 IT1(IDW/SW) planned retirement DEC 2013.
as of 2012 04 20.... I am stationed at Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI) Washington, DC command Hopper ISC as an Alt EKMS Manager... work phone 301 669-4169 work email dcasto@nmic.navy.mil
CTM2(SW) Wayne Clarke
1985-1989 CTMCS(SW)Retired in 2004. Currently living in Maryland
CTO1 Jim Lee Corn
1986-1989 Retired July 2002 as CTOC(SW/AW). Currently the SPINTCOMM Manager at NCIS HQ in Washington, DC. Howdy Shipmates!
EW2 Glenn Des Ormeaux
1990-1993 CTTCS(SW/AW) currently assigned to ATGLANT, Norfolk, VA. as the LOK Exam Database Manager.
EW3 Thomas D. Fasick
1987-1987 CTTC, by conversion not choice! Currently AEWO at CCSG-8
CTR1(SW) Marion Govan
1991-1994 CTRC(SW/AW), USS HARRY S. TRUMAN (CVN-75). Division LCPO.
CTA1(SW) Jim Graham
1992-1995 Retired as CTAC(SW). Currently working as a Program Analyst, U.S. Office of Personnel Management, Boyers, PA.
CTR2 Greg Halsey
1980-1982 CDR USNR. Currently drilling at NSGA Norfolk. Mgr M/A-Com
Inc. Lynchburg VA
EW2 Ron Hamer
1982-1985 For the past 17 years I've been working for Lockheed Martin asa Engineer Feel free to drop me a line if you are in Colorado.
CTR1(SW) Billy Hanger
1993-1996 CTR1(SW), NSGA Northwest, VA
CTO3 Gary Hopkins
1983-1986 Retired, working for Lockheed Martin.
CTM1(SW) Terry Keller
1987-1989 Retired in 1991. Certified to teach in Texas (Math, Business). Currently teaching at Remington College, North Houston. Two stepsons, both married with children, and son, currently attending junior college in area but transferring this summer.
CTR1(SW) Walter Lee
1994-1996 FLTRES MAY 2003/CTRC(SW). I've been working for L-3 Communications Titan Group since my retirement as a manager consultant. Being stationed aboard the Mississippi really gave me a new perspective on teamwork and camaraderie. After a few bumps along the way things really worked out for me. I really enjoyed my team in Outboard. Good on Ya! 4.0! Hey Jerry Mabe 10-4 good buddy.
CTR1(SW) Gregory (Greg) Ludlow 1991-1994 I enjoyed my time on board the Mississippi (often referred to as the 'Ole Miss); it was especially enligtening during the shipyard period of 1992. I have fond memories of the First Class Petty Officer Mess and the morning coffee sessions. Often times I refect on my Navy career and feel the time on board the Mississippi was my "finest hour". I retired in 2001 having missed making Chief; I have moved on with my life but am proud to have served on board such a fine ship.
CTRC Jerry A. Mabe
1994-1996 FLTRES May 1996. NEXCOMHQ Va Beach 1997-2000. May 2000- Present. Hewlett Packard Field Service Engineer for Enterprise UNIX computers. Currently we have an opening in Chesapeake, VA if interested send resume via email. Still standing duty every 3rd day, but at least I get to go home at night. The Mississippi was the best part of my 21 year career. Ernie, I still think about UNREPS, Thanks!
CTT2 Wayne McGuire
1981-1983 Sales Mgr for a wholesale plumbing, pipe, valve, fitting supplier
to contractors and industry located in Columbus Gas. Looking for shipmates from
81-83 Outboard Div. Anyone know where Phil Shortall is?
EW2 David Miller
1983-1989 Hello to my former shipmates! Thanks to everyone that made my tour on the Mighty Mississippi fun and rewarding. After my tour with the Navy I was employed by the Naval Air Warfare Center (NAWC) located in Indianapolis, Indiana. NAWC was placed on the Base Closure and Realignment Commission (BRAC) list in 1995 and privatized in 1996. Currently I work as a Senior Logistics Management Specialist for SAIC. I have been married for 22 years and was blessed with a son and daughter.
CTR2S(SW) Jeffrey Post
1979-1981 Retired CWO4 in 1999. Work for the Radio and Television Services Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana.
CTM1(SW) Francis James Potchak
CTM3(SW) Wayne Reaves
1981-1983 CTMC(SW) retired. Left USN in Aug 94. Presently working on computer for Department of Energy at Fernald.
EW2 Adam Robison
1994-1996 Electrician for Whitney Group Electric, Fort Wayne, IN.
EW2 Mark (Robby) Robinson
1993-1996 Currently a CTI1(SW/SG) stationed at Fort Meade, MD. PCS in Jan '06 to Korea for a 12-24 month tour. More than likley back to Kunia, HI for the remainder (2012).
CTA2(SW) Gregory T. Samuels
1989-1992 CTAC(SW), /CTA 5 Vector Model Manager / Center for Cryptology, Corry Station, Pensacola, FL.
EW2 Bob Sanders
1981-1985 AEGIS Weapon System Testing Tech
Dahlgren, VA
CTO2(SW) David Sharpe
1986-1989 Currently CWO3 assigned to DIA's Regional Service Center in Pearl Harbor running the Network Ops Center. Making my second deployment to Iraq from June-Dec 2008.
CTM1 John F. Singletary
1991-1993 Planner/Researcher at Marion County Sheriff's Office, Ocala, FL.
CTM1(SW) James O. Spears
1992-1995 Integration Engineer for Quovadx.com. Now working from home. What a LIFE!
CTO1(SW) Kyle Tetreault
1993-1996 Currently a computer network defense analyst at FIWC. Hello all!
CTR3(SW) James D. Thomas
1991-1994 Currently at NSGA Kunia, Hawaii.  Will transfer in Jan 04.
CTM1 Kenneth W. Walsh
1980-1982 Equipment engineering tech, Intel Corp
CTM2(SW) Robert Warner
1991-1994 Electronic Technician working for a company
that installs LAN/WAN networks
EW2(SW) Jeff Weinstock
Now working for Navy Region Northwest as a Safety and Occupational Health Specialist.
CTR3 Terry Zimmerman
1987-1989 Currenty work as a Police Officer for the city of Reading, OH. Looking for CTT's Larry Elzner and Barry Bell.
by Jose' Diaz