Name Dates
Now. . .
MS3 Joseph J. Casey
1980-1984 I was the red haired one! If you remember me, please send me an email
MSSN Leslie Davis
1984-1987 Civilian, Elkridge, MD
MS1 Cesar Farrales
1980-1983 Retired in 1990.
I served in the cabin room and was the cabin mess supervisor..
MS2(SW) Michael Furlong
1981-1987 Left the Navy in 1987. Wife with 5 great children and 3 grand children.
MS3(SW) John Gold
1995-1997 Got out of the Navy in 1999. Have three children (all girls). Got my degree, went to grad school, now I am in Pharmacy school. I have not had a full time job since I left the Navy which is great. I hope Fred sees this and drops me a line. Later.
MS3 Raymond Golden Jr.
1978-1981 Have been working for the state of New York for the last 12 years. Married, with 4 children.
MS1(SW) Randy King
1994-1997 MSC(SW), Norfolk Naval Station Brig
Norfolk, VA
MS1(SW) David Miller
1991-1995 MS1(SW) LPO NAVDISTWASH Visiting Flag Quarters.
MS3 Keith Montegna
1977-1980 Plank Owner. I was an MS3 when I left the ship. No picture was taken of me. I would like to know about contacting other shipmates from the ship.
MS3 David Pierce
1994-1997 MS2, Enlisted Aide to VADM Dennis Jones
MSSN Joseph Pine
1995-1997 In the Rhode Isalnd Army National Guard as a welder/mechanic. Married with two kids. Full time fedral tech at FMS #3
MS2 Don Plummer
MS3 Rollin Raugust
1987-1990 Became MA2 out of Millington TN work IL DEPT of corrections 16yrs and going
MS3 Richard Southern
?-? I am a plank owner! I got out of the Navy in 1993 as a disabled American vet and used the chapter 31 program to go to Indiana University and get a bachelor and masters degrees in safety. I now work for Indiana OSHA and live in Ellettsville Indiana with my wife of 21 years.
MS2(SW) Tim Stephan
1987-1990 Deputy in Corrections at the Crawford County Sheriff Office.
MSSA Stephen Stich
1987-1987 Civilian, Hazelton, PA