Fire Control
Name Dates
Now. . .
FC2 Stephen Banks
1988-1993 FCCM(SW) Senior Instructor/Officer Training Branch, Cruise Missile Division, CSCS Unit Dam Neck, VA.
FC1 Joseph W. Brooks
1981-1985 None
FC2 Brian Butts
1987-1991 Operations Supervisor, Baxter Healthcare Corp.
FC1(SW) Steve Caudill
1987-1991 None
FC2 Edwin deGruy
1986-1986 Supervisor, Biomedical Services, St. Paul Medical Center, Dallas, TX.
FC2 Mark H. Easter
Retired FCCS(SW). Now in prison....working as a PC Technician/Network Administrator at Haynesville Correctional Center, Haynesville VA. HOPE to see you at the Reunion in August!
FC1 William "Brad" Geller
1977-1982 Systems Engineer building and testing them instead of shooting them, can not get missiles out of my blood.
FC1(SW) Doug England
1980-1984 FCCS(SW)retired. Now at Raytheon Missile Systems, Louisville in the Phalanx/RAM Program.
FC1(SW) John Henderson
1984-1990 FCCM(SW) stationed at Fleet Combat Training Center Atlantic, Dam Neck VA. MISSISSIPPI is still the best ship I have served on.
FC3 Ed Herrera
1994-1997 Currently working at Ford Norfolk Assembly plant, but will be starting school in the fall at Riverside School of Health to become a Rad Tech (x-ray).
FC1 Charles Hirschy
1977-1983 Chief Auditor, Bechtel Nevada DOE M&O Contractor for the Nevada Test Site where nuclear testing was conducted.
FC1(SW) Richard Hughes
1986-1990 Currently working in telecommunications for Sprint. Working on completing my Bachelor's degree in Mathematics. I expect to teach at the high school level to complete my working career.
FC1(SW) John Hurnyak
1980-1985 LT(LDO) retired. Working in Dahlgren, Va. supporting the AEGIS program.
FC2 Jerry Huston
1977-1980 Custom home builder and land developer in the Indianapolis area.
FC2 James P. Jacobs
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1981-1983 Home Inspector, Long Island, NY.
FC3 Anthony (Tony) Kelly
1993-1995 FC1(SW) NAB Little Creek Galley MDMAA.
FC2 Keith Koskey
1989-1993 Senior Field Engineering Specialist
Roche Diagnostics
FC2 Larry Kowalski
1986-1989 Senior application developer for Alfa Insurance Company
FC2 Jessie Lazenby
1986-1991 Retired FCC(EXW) June 2013 from CORIVRON10. Currently Maintenance Manager US Postal Service Augusta, GA
FC2(SW) Jim Long
1992-1996 Graduate of Ohio State and currently working for the Ohio EPA.
FC2(SW) Tony Lorenz
1986-1990 Field Service Engineer working on cyclotrons for Siemens Molecular Imaging.
FC2 Jay Martin
1978-1982 Working at Three Mile Island and Running the USS Mississippi CGN40 Reunion Assoc.!
And loving every minute of it!
FC2 Tony Martin
1983-1986 Self employed Contractor.
FC2 Glen McBeth
1983-1988 Got my JD and MLS, now a law librarian and adjunct professor at a law school.
FCSN Mark Miller
1986-1989 Live in Bayview, Id. Owner of auto reapir shop, owner Thirst snowboards. Married, 1 daughter.
FC2 Mark Newborn
1980-1983 Senior Field Application Engineer for Orthodyne Electronics in Irvine, California. Robotic semiconductor equipment.
FC2 Lawrence W. Nichols
1977-1980 Retired CW03. Director of Bioterrorism Defense for Southeast Louisiana.
FC2 Derek A. Parker
1983-1987 I joined the crew as a DS3 and left as an FT2. RAK was the best!
FC1(SW) John Penfound
1985-1989 Information Technology Operations Manager, US Jabil Circuit, Inc., Auburn Hills, Michigan.
FC3 Erick Poole
1985-1986 Building airplanes now.
FC2 Fred Proctor
1986-1990 Maintenance Technician, Baxter Healthcare.  In North Carolina.  Fishin' has been great!!
FC2(SW) Shane Randell
1992-1998 No comment posted.
FC1 John Sidlauskas
1978-1982 Poker Player, worldwide.
FC2(SW) Harry J. Storms
1992-1996 Now FCC Storms, stationed at CSCS (formally FCTCLANT) Dam Neck, head of SSDS MK1 and RAM System. Still a shooter.
FC1(SW) Bruce Tickell
1992-1996 Retiring after 22 yrs from EWTGLANT.
FC2 Steve Yannuzzi
1983-1986 Fire Chief, Bristol, NH
by Jose' Diaz