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ET2 George Bangos
1981-1984 Work as a Facility Tech. For AT&T
ET1 Arthur A. Becker
1978-1981 Currently working as a window clerk at the St. Cloud Post Office in St. Cloud MN. I've been working with the Post Office since October 89.
ET3 (SW) Greg Bellah
1995-1997 Currently working in Building Automation / Energy Management Company in Oklahoma City, Ok
ET1 Paul Beyer
1980-1983 Went to NPTU, Ballston Spa the Nine Mile Two Station. Moved out west and now own my own business. Life is great, 4.0! Only glow once in a while now.
ET2(SW) Dave Biskner
1989-1992 No comments given.
ET1(SW) Bruce Bodge
1993-1995 ETC(SW) Fleet Training Center, Norfolk
Prospective EMO/Basic Electronics Administration Course Instructor
ET3 Keith Bolden
1977-1981 Financial Analyst, International Paper Company. Anyone from the MISS who remembers the term "Steaming Pete", send me an e-mail or just say hello!
ET3 Larry Breitenberger
1984-1989 Senior Lab Technician at GLOBALFOUNDRIES Hopewell Jct. NY
ET2 Tom Canning
1988-1992 Pilot, American Eagle Airlines. Still serving in the USNR, now a LSC.
ET3 Gene Champagne
1984-1988 Married , two children, Respiratory Therapist/Cardio Vascular Technologist at Baptist Hospital, Knoxville, TN.
ET1(SW/AW) Chris A. Corwin
Izmir, Turkey.
ET3(SW) Dennis Curry
1985-1987 married w/ 3 kids, work at northshore mining co. in Silverbay MN. as a instrumentation tech.
ET2 Dan Hensler
1986-1991 Mechanic for USPS Cincinnati HOTB
ET2 Russell S. Hunter
1991-1995 CSXT Signal Maintainer, Bay St. Louis, MS
ET1(SW) Kenneth Huss
1989-1992 Currently working as an engineer at Cisco Systems.
ET1(SW) Michael King
Corrections Officer State of Maryland
ET3(SW) Michael Larabell
1987-1989 Living in Wisconsin with wife and 2 kids. Working for Cisco Systems as Field Service Engineer designing Data/Voice Networks.
ET2 Raymond E. Liebherr III
1984-1989 Police Officer for the city of Fairborn for 18 years. My phone # is: (937)559-9463.
ET2 Tom Longtime
1985-1988 No information.
ET3 David McMasters
1991-1994 Network/LAN Tech, USPS, HQ Washington, DC
ET2 Gerald A. Mitchell
1987-1992 Working at General Motor as an Engineering Technician in the EMC Lab.
ET2 James M. Mulcahey
1989-1992 Currently in the Inactive Naval Reserve. I am currently a Field Service Engineer for DC Group, Inc. servicing Un-Interuptable Power Supplies.
ET3 Bill Oldal
1978-1980 Hardware Systems Engineer for digital print industry company (Creo). Moved back to the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.
ET2 Steve Percefull
1991-1995 Maintenance Engineer at TV Station in the Central Illinois
ET3(SW) Frank Rand
1986-1989 Retired firefighter from Chicago suburbs.
ET2 Alan Rooks
1989-1992 I am now a field service tech for GE Medical Services, servicing a variety of x-ray systems.
ET2 Roger Simpson
1982-1986 Still a bar brawler and whore mongerer, except it's for the Army now.
ET1(SW) Michael L. Sproull
1978-1980 Senior Manager position at CSC working at the WASH DC Navy Yard for SEA05D5 In-Service Ships. LCDR Ret. US
ET2 James Tarrant
1981-1984 I am employed by Newport News Shipbuilding as a Senior Engineering Technician responsible for Air Traffic Control systems.
ET2(SW) Marc Wagner
1991-1995 Left the Mississippi to go to Mississippi(Pascagoula). Decided civilian life is preferential for raising family so I cashed out in '97. Currently living in Tampa area. Performing research and development of automotive electronic accessories. Happily married with 2 children and enjoying as much of life as it has to offer.
ET3(SW) John Watson
1985-1987 Sales Manager Chevrolet Cadillac store Sumter,SC
by Jose' Diaz