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EM2(SW) Mke Anthony
1988-1992 Earned my Electrical Engineering degree from Virginia Tech in 1996. Got married in July '94 and had a beautiful daughter in June 2003. Started at the Harris Nuclear Plant then moved into System Operations where I am now the Manager-Transmission Services (I work with the guys who control the electric power grid). I still love the fact that I can go home every day and enjoy the freedom that we all protected.
EM1 Tom Bolvin * Retired from Reserves a couple years ago as EMC. Worksin Kenosha WI area as a union electrician, teacher of electrical theory to apprentices.
EM2 Thomas Buntz
1984-1988 Sadly, Our Shipmate Tom passed away on September, 29, 2010. His wife wrote that he really enjoyed checking this website for old friends.
EM2 Russell Christmas
1979-1983 I retired after 20 years rank EM1, work for Vistakon for 10 year makeing contact lens move to Brisbane Australia with my wife Jenelle. Worked for DP world terminals at the port of Bisbane as a maintence supervisor. Recieve 5 merchant marine liciense and a master electrician license
EM1(SW) Kyle Couvillon
1991-1995 Onboard from 1991 - 1995. Med Cruise 95. Retired in 1995. Currently an Engineering Technician with Beech-Nut Nutrition Corporation in Amsterdam, NY.
EM2 Ashton A. Feliciano
1994-1995 SrA (E-4) rejoined the military 19 years later but in the Air Force. Currently serving at JB Langley-Eustis in Hampton, VA as 2T251 (Air Transportation Journeyman/ Logistics) in RAMP section.
EM3 Todd Geissinger
1983-1987 Fell 50 ft from the wingwall to the basin of the USS Los-Alamos. Received a medical discharge. Working as a Computer Programmer.
EM2 Jim Hogue
1988-1992 I got my Master's Degree in Physical Therapy and currently work in Outpatient Orthopedics. Good Luck To All My Brothers!
EM2 Michael S. Killary
1984-1988 Federal Law Enforcement Officer NOAA/NMFS/Office of Enforcement, Alaske Enforcement Division, Petersburg, AK.
EM2 Eric Laettner
1993-1997 LT serving at Supervisor of Shipbuilding in Groton CT. Just celebrated by 19 wedding anniversary. I have two boys 12 and 9. I am looking forward to the next reunion. I am also working on the PCU Mississippi SSN 782.
EM2 Eric Lauridsen
1985-1989 Since leaving the Navy in 1989, I have been working at the Tennessee Valley Authority's Browns Ferry Nuclear Plant in Northern Alabama. Still married to Anna and we have three kids. I've been battling carcinoid cancer since 06/1997.
EM2 Eris Lopez
1987-1990 Got out in 1990. Working in the IT field in LA.
EM3 Ken MacDonald
1977-1981 Plankowner, Nucleus Crew, Topside Electrician, Lighting, Power Distribution, Small Boats, 400HZ MG sets. Still serving the WARFIGHTER as a QAS! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND OUR YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN SERVING ALL OVER THE WORLD, ESPECIALLY IRAQ.
EM2 Trevor McCaughrean
1992-1996 Electrician, mechanic, & machinist. Still Married with our son and five Grandkids living back in N.J. Camping, hot rods, riding my motorcycles. Enjoying Gods blessings.
EM1(SW) Tim McCreary
1988-1992 Living in Indiana
EMFN Christopher Menard
1990-1991 Living in Middletown, NY.  Currently in the auto business, and a FireFighter for Middletown.
EM2 Donald Raboin
1978-1981 Plankowner, Machininst for hydro station on Conneticut River
EM2(SW) Tony Renier
1988-1993 Lead Operations Instructor Bellefonte Nuclear Plant.
EM3 Michael R. Richards
1978-1980 Plankowner, Electrician for the State of CT at the University of Ct., Storrs campus.
EM2 (SW) Bryan Roberson
1992-1996 Currently working as shift leader at power plant for Florida Power & Light. Married with 2 daughters. See ya.
EM1(SW) Richard Stein
1985-1989 EMCS(SW), Production Controller/Code 152 Network & Database Administrator. SUPSHIP, Newport News, VA
by Jose' Diaz