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EN1 Paul Beyer
1979-1983 Went to Ballston Spa and served 2 more years as shift LPO and Staff training RC division. Qualified EWS there. Medically discharged from Navy in 85 due to a rash (eczema...go figure, lol). Worked for one year building Nine Mile in NY. Decided Commercial Nuke Power wasn't for me. Presently living in the Northwest as a business owner planning my retirement in the Caribbean or Central America.
EN3(SW) Walter T. Casey
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1984-1987 University of North Texas, Denton TXTeaching Political Science
EN1 William D. Chisolm
1981-1982 In Meridian Mississippi working in PWD of NAS.
EN1(SW) Mark Cluts
1991-1996 Retired, fishing, enjoying my wife and kids. Anthony,Cassandra, & Tanya (wife). Living in Minnesota. Working for GE Osmonics Water Filtration Dept.. It was a pleasure working & knowing all. Go A-Gang, no problem we can't solve.
EN3 Adam C. Flath
1994-1995 I now own a contracting business in Glendale, AZ. I am looking for Kirk Skowronski. If anyone knows where he is, please contact me.
EM1(SW) James Kemp
1981-1983 Retired as Emc(sw), Raised two kids, daughter Stephanie and son James III as a single parent after leaving USS Mississippi CGN 4.0, I went on to retire from Navy Oct 1994. Remarried 2000 and have a wonderful Wife Geraldine and son Johanne. Taught college from 1998 to 2012 and now fully retired trying to keep busy. Have a home in the Naga City Philippines as well as Southern California and yes my wife is a Filipino I met in school.
EN3 Jeremie Matthys
1995-1997 Living in Houston.
EN3 Jeff Ploughman
1982-1985 HVAC Technician for the University of Massachusets
EN3 Charlie Poulton
EN3 Kirk Skowronski
1995-1997 Working for Onstar as a technician. in the navy reserves out of Selfridge Michigan.
EN3 John Thomas
1989-1993 Maintenance Supervisor
EN2(SW) Michael A. Walker
1977-1981 Retired ENCS in 1994. Retired Fire Chief, May 2014
EN2 John Wallace
1977-1980 retired, living in the land of Enchantment
by Jose' Diaz