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BM1(SW) Bill Archut 1984-1987 Currently Commercial Truck Driver
BM3 Steven Babcock
1980-1986 I was the Navy's first Nuclear Qualified Transport Coxwain. Now retired, I manage the local VFW.
BM2 Shayne Baldwin
1987-1993 Computer Consultent, Burlington, MA
BM3 Daniel Beaulieu
1983-1986 Currently still a truck driver, formerly of CT, but residing in NH now.
BM2(SW) Don "Bruno" Brower
1980-1984 "A" Machinist/Millwright at Long Island Lighting Co.
BMSN James Burkheart
1984-1986 Currently live in NW Arkansas. Was a contractor first 15 yrs out of Navy, spent last 15 years designing for Architectural firm in NW Arkansas and own the NWA Battle semipro football team. 5 children, 6 Grand-kids and counting, married to my beautiful wife Lisa.
BMSN Thomas Chapman
1979-1980 Working for school district
BM3 Thomas Edwards
1982-? Believe it or not I'm RETIRED!
SN Brian L. Evavold
1993-1995 I am sending an update, as of 2015, still in currently LT (Intel type, 1830) stationed in the DC area at NGA.
BM3 Glenn Fraser
1978-1980 Plankowner, also a plankowner on the USS Arkansas, CGN 41. Unfortunately, left the Navy after 4 years in 1981. Been driving a truck "long haul" since 1983. Based out of Illinois, running dedicated to and from New England every week.
BM1 David Freeman
BM3(SW) Anthony Gibbs
1981-1985 Left service in '89 and now working for Technicolor in Ruckersville, VA.
BM3 Bryon Gilstrap
1992-1994 Cost Analyst for a healthcare system in Illinois.
BM2(SW) Bill Harris
1982-1986 Worked for about 15 years in sales & plant manager for an Insulation Co. supplying Ship Insulation to the NAVY. Gave that up and started driving a truck.
SN Robert Harrison
1986-1989 Back in Norfolk, this time my wife is in the Navy (MM3)
BM3 Steve Hernandez
1978-1981 Plank Owner, Currently an X-ray Technician for Heard, Osteen, Davenport, & Baker. Longwood, FL
BMSN Cliff Hoyt
1992-1994 Operating Engineer in New York City's 5 boroughs. Married 7 yrs now with 3 children, 2 boys and a girl.
BMSN Steve Johnson
1991-1992 I AM EMPLOYED WITH THE Nielsen TV Ratings as a Membership Rep.
BMSN Jim Kennedy
BM2 John F. Kennedy
1981-1984 Living in Syracuse NY, married 3 children,
BM2(SW) Michael J. Lorasch
BMSN Matt Lucero
1994-1996 I am living in salt lake,I am plumber,with two sons 13 and 7. I still miss ship life and all my old shipmates. please drop me a line. I would like to get in touch with old friends.
BM3 Kevin Mahoney
1992-1994 Retired from the Navy in 2017 as a YNC. Currently employed as a federal employee in the Washington DC area.
SN Travis May
1995-1996 Working somewhere in the USA
BM3 Micahel P. Mclaughlin
1987-1991 I still work for National Publishing in Philadelphia, also building websites and writing stories.
SA John Mohamed Moe
1982-1986 No comments
SN Dan Murty
1994-1996 After I left the Navy, I went to school and became a teacher in Rochester, NY.
BMSN Shawn Nichols
1994-1996 Went on to CA Army National Guard Intelligence Field. Activated for 4 years straight in support of OIF and OEF. Recieved Bronze Star and Purple Heart (WIA 28 AUG 2005) while in Iraq. 17yrs total service. From there became a contractor in Iraq for 5.5 yrs in Iraq. Currently working for ISS deployed to AFG FSE/R for CIDNE/WebTAS/INDURE software programs, teaching and supporting NATO forces.
SN Tom (Woody) O'Keefe
1982-1985 Your first command is much like your first lover. You only remember the good parts and, if you could, you'd go back do it better. You were an amazing crew, one and all. Thanks for the memories.
BMSN Christopher Pauley
1994-1996 After leaving the military in 99. I became a crane operator. have build amazing structures Worked on pier 3,5 at NNSY. Also built the new midtown tunnel. Now I'm on the 64 highrise project operating the biggest crane and driving the largest piles on the project.
SA Denver Prophit Jr.
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1989-1990 Owner, United Lender Advocate, Co.
Mortgage Reduction Services, Tallahassee, FL
BM2(SW) Thomas Reale
1984-1986 Retired LCDR (USNR). Now superintendent of schools in Milan, IN.
BM3 Trevor Roberts
1991-1994 Finance Manager
BM3 Jeffrey Robertson
1981-1984 Served on 4 additional ships Honorable Discharged from navy in October 1993 currently residing in new Oxford Pa working as a Particle Analyzer Calibration Technician happily married 29 years with 2 Sons and 2 grandchildren. would love to hear from any old shipmates, Jeff.
BM2 Reinaldo Rosado
1986-1989 BMC(SW/SCW/AW) serving on USS RODNEY M. DAVIS (FFG-60), in Everett, WA.
BMSN Chris Schroeder
1991-1993 I currently work in the Materials Management Department at The Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, Ohio.
SN David Sears
1995-1996 After leaving service in September 2003, I am now a Sales Consultant for United Healthcare, working in Charleston, WV. Contact Number Cell:421-3355
BM3 Fred Tiedemann
1984-1987 Currently a CWO2 and Ships Bosn of USS GERMANTOWN (LSD 42). Looking for anyone from my era aboard to refresh old times. God bless yall...
BMSA(SW) Louie Walters
1978-1982 Disabled after accident.
BMSN John Whitaker
1978-1980 Plankowner, currently a Nurses Asst for Parkview INC, KY.
BMSN(SW) John Willis
1986-1989 Deck
BMSN Mark Zimmerman
1994-1996 I sell Pepsi Any one knows how to get in touch with Jason Burandt send him my way.
by Jose' Diaz