CPO Mess
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Now. . .
RMCM(SW) Calvin A. Aguillard Jr.
1993-1995 Retired 1996. Currently Telcomm Systems Engineer for Corporate Software and Technology.
DSCS(SW) Douglas "DJ" Allen
1981-1984 Work for Northrop Grumman IS as a contractor to Naval Wafare Development Command, in Norfolk, as a Subject Matter Expert in Tactical Data Links.
ETCS(SW) Russ Andersonwr_anderson@cox.net
1977-1980 Served twenty years in the Navy and retired in 1987. Worked for Newport News Shipbuilding in the Aircraft Engineering, later as Marketing Manager for Naval Ship Repair and Production Control Manager for construction of the CVN 76. Now retired and living on the beach in North Carolina.
EMCM(SW) Paul Angelicchio
1995-1997 Retired Aug 04 onboard USS RONALD REAGAN. Now Senior Scientist at Bettis Lab in West Mifflin, PA.
BMCS(SW) Ernest Ashe III
Norfolk, VA
DKC(SW) Ronnie G. Ates
1992-1995 Retired in September 1999 as a Senior Chief. Currently working at the Navy Personnel Command (N-2) Millington, TN
CTRC(SW) Gregory "Joe" Baldwin
1979-1982 Was commissioned by Captain Taylor at my departure from "Missy". Also, was the plankowner Division Chief of the finest team of CT's ever assembled. Retired as LCDR(LDO/SWO) in '94. Currently working for General Dynamics - Electronic Systems for the Joint C4ISR Battle Center in Suffolk, VA.
ICC Paul L. Bernard
1978-1979 LCDR (Ret), Attorney in Manchester, NH. Member of NH Bar and ABA
MMC(SW) Mark Best
1998-1998 Working with combat-Veterans at the Department of Veterans Affairs (2012)
ETCM(SW) Tom Bossa
1992-1997 ETCM(SW), Nuc ET Advancement Exam Writer
NETPDTC Pensacola, FL
ETCM(SW) Rick Bowling
1979-1987 Currently in management at Tennessee Valley Authority (Watts Bar Nuclear Plant). Got a great wife of 20+ years and a son in college. Life is good.
MMC(SW) Robert Breed
1981-1987 USN (Retired) currently working as Logistics Manager for a marine engineering and design company.
MMCS(SW) Tom Brower
1989-1993 Retired as MMCM in July 2000. Currently work for GE in Schenectady, NY.
PNC(SW) Jimmy T. Bryant
1987-1990 Commercial/Fleet Truck Sales, Salt Lake Valley GMC
CTOC(SW) Dave Burks
1985-1988 CTOCM(SW), CMC PSD Fort Meade, MD. I will retire in July 2001, and go back home to Maine. The Mighty Miss was my most memorable tour of duty. Fine ship and great crew.
MSCM(SW) Ollan Burruss
RMC(SW) Duane A. Carter
1985-1988 ITCS(SW) Naval Computer and Telecommunications area Master Station Honolulu, HI.  Will retire November 30, 2003.  Will reside in Va Beach
RMCM(SW) Ernie Chapman
1986-1991 Hello to everyone! Retired from the Navy 1993(30 years). I was a Hot Dog vendor for couple of years(Haven't had a good hot dog since). Worked as a Recreational Vehicle Salesman, selling motorhomes and such, for 10 years. Now retired again but still working part time at Hall Automotive as DX Driver. A fun job. I see several names on the alfa roster of people I know...Contact me anytime on email for a chat.... Note: For those that remember, Master Chief Dan Walker passed away. He was a good friend and greatly missed.
MMCS(SW) Jeff Cherry
1995-1997 Currently MMCM(SW) at NFAS. Retiring in August 2005
RMCS(SW) David Cimino
1983-1987 RMCM(SW) Ret., Contractor at COMNAVSURFLANT N62, Information Systems
STGC(SW) William R. Clifford
1989-1994 Retired from the USS Thomas S. Gates CG51 in Dec 2001. Enrolled at Troy University in 2003 and completed my BS Computer Science. Now attending MCSE Certification at the University of West FL, Taught by Networks of FL. I want to send a special hello to the Gulf war men I served with. Those were the days, eh? Good to know that some of you are doing great "Spud" and Brown. Send me a note if you feel like it. Currently working as a Systems Administrator for the USAF SIPRnet, on Wright Patterson AFB.
FCC(SW) William L. Cook
1977-1982 Retired as FCCS in 1987. and am fully retired today
HMC Gail D. Creamer
1978-1979 First Chief to retire from ship
Jacksonville, NC
RMC(SW) George "Cricket" Crichton
1986-1989 Retired RMC(SW) in Jan '94 as Staff Commo for COMFAIRKEF in Iceland. Currently Master Service Technician for IKON Office Solutions (copier repair) in Spokane, WA.
OSCS(SW) Nathaniel J. Crumby
1977-1980 Currently a Computer Systems Analyst for a civilian contractor.
EWC(SW) Chris Daniels
1994-1997 EWC(SW), Instructor at ATG Norfolk, VA.
MMCS(SW) James Delaney
1977-1979 Plankowner, Retired CDR
Programs Manager, ADI Technologies, Arlington VA
EWC(SW) Paul Denk
1991-1993 Retired in 2002. Lead Engineer - Systems General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems Fairfax, VA Surface Electronic Warfare Improvement Program
ETC Carlos Del Castillo
1983-1985 Served from July 1983 to September 1985, advanced to ETC onboard CGN-40. Engineering Department, RC Division LPO/CPO. Retired 1994 as ETCM(SW/AW). Working at AK Steel (Middletown, OH) as an Environmental Manager.
EWC(SW) Paul Denk
1991-1994 EWC(SW) Assistant Staff EWO. Commander, Carrier Group Two, USS HARRY TRUMAN BATTLE GROUP.
MMC(SW) Raymond Downs
1989-1993 After 12 1/2 years in the Navy I got out; CGN-40 being my last command. After another 18 years I came back in, as a reservist this time (and as an LS instead of a nuke MM). Unfortunately I had to take a cut in rank, down to E-6. I am now serving in an maritime expeditionary security squadron out of Newport, RI. Presetnly mobilized in the middle east.
FCCS(SW) Mark H. Easter
No longer working in Dahlgren. I returned to Haynesville Correctional Center, where I work as a Network Engineer and PC Support.
EWC Richard Emerson
1982-1984 Left Navy in 1984. Currently work for Comptek PRB Associates on SLQ-32 program.
EMC(SW) Ben Ferris
1993-1997 EMC(SW), Readiness Support Group (RSG)
Norfolk, VA
MMCS Andrew Fletcher
1982-1983 Retired from Mississippi in 1983, living with wife in Newport News VA
MMCS(SW) Joe Franklin
1993-1997 Finally a civilian working at Salem nuclear station in southern NJ. In quals for Senior Reactor Operator. One boy, born 10/2/2000 and a (still) wonderfull Ukrainian wife.
GMMCS(SW) Fred Skip Foy
1984-1988 Retired in 1992. Currently working for Morale, Welfare and Recreation at Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth as the Athletic Director. I run the Gym, Sports, Fitness and Aquatics for the shipyard.
GMMC(SW) Dennis M. Gardler
1993-1996 GMCS(SW)
Weapon Dept. LCPO
USS Anzio CG-68
Norfolk Va.
FCCM(SW) Frank Germo
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1981-1983 FCCM(SW) RETIRED, New Jersey
ETC(SW/AW) Steve Gnandt Jr.
1995-1996 ETCM(SW/AW), Surface Placement LCPO EPMAC New Orleans LA 70159.  DSN 678-1495 COMM: (504)678-1495.
ETC Reynold Goerman
1985-1992 Happy civilian with 2 daughters, 2 grand daughters, and a grandson.
FCCM Howard E. Graham
1978-1979 FTCM retired, former CPO Mess President & plankowner. Served as CMC, after Master Chief Jim McBriar. Now working for Sears in Ohio.
EMC(SW) Jim Grant
1989-1993 Run fly fishing store in Northern New Hampshire
MMC James R. Greiner
1989-1993 Retired in 2002 from USS TRUMAN. Currently working construction of the USS TEXAS, 2nd of the VA Class Submarines at Newport News Shipbuilding.
ETCM(SW) Kevin W. Greybill
1995-1997 Computer Scientist, NAVSEA Coastal Systems Station, Panama City, Florida.
MMC(SW) Jim Hall
1989-1993 Left Ole Miss to go to CVN-65. Then when there were no more ships without women, I quit. Work as a Reliability Technician for P-66.
EMC John Hall
1981-1984 EMCM(SW) Ret. Graduate Columbia College in Business. Facility Manager for 1,000,000 sq ft new courthouse, Orange County Fl.
MMC(SW) John E. Haney
1981-1983 CW04 (Retired), District Manager for a national propane company. Also served as MPTA onboard 81-88 (see wardroom)
RMCS(SW) George Hasick
1979-1982 Currently work as a GS-12 at MARMC in Norfolk, Virginia. Formally FTSCLANT and MOTU-2. Work as an Electronic Tech. Graduated Magna Cum Laude ST LEO Collegein 1989. Enjoyed everyone on CGN-40. Still meet alot of ex-CGN-40 Sailors on the waterfronts around the world.
MMCS(SW) Russell Henderlite
Pre-Comm/Plankowner. Retired MMCS(SW)7/95 from Kings Bay, GA. Served on Miss. twice, 1976-1980 (RL Div), 1989-1991 (CPO Mess, RL Div Off.) Currently H.S. Physics Teacher in Jacksonville, FL.
EWC(SW) Ron Hixson
1977-1980 Environmental Specialist II with Escambia County FL, Dept. of Solid Waste Management. Owner Hixson Photography.
QMC(SW) Hodges

1980-1983 Retired and living in Virginia Beach, VA.
ETC(SW) Kevin Isbell
1994-1997 Retired in Mar 2003.  Maintenance engineer for Guardian Industries in Lewistown, PA.
MMC Mark M. Jennings
1982-1984 President, Maintenance Concepts, Inc. Industrial Maintenance and Engineering Consultant, Kennewick, WA
PNC(SW) Fred A. Jordan Jr.
1995-1996 PNC(SW), Personnel Support Activity Detachment
NAS Oceana, Virginia Beach, VA
HMC(SW/FMF) Michael Judson
1992-1995 I finally retired after 26 years. Working for AMSEC LLC in Suffolk/Cheatham Annex.
OSCM(SW) Bill Killion
1987-1991 Let's see. Retired in 1991. Worked at CSMTT/CSTG for 6.5 years as a contractor for Litton Prc. Then went to Gateway 2000 for a few months in Hampton, Va. Then to Little Creek, Va. as a contactor doing CSOSS and Network Engineering for SYS Technologies. Worked a couple of months at KITCO Fiber Optics supporting thier network. Now at a non-profit organization in Norfolk supporting a large international Wide Area Network consisting of 50 servers and over 100 websites.
EMC(SW) Paul Kingsbury
1995-1997 EMCS(SW), PCU RONALD REAGAN. No hair anymore!
MMC Michael Kinsey
1981-1982 Retired after 33 years 8 months. Took a week off and went to work. Been working for Bank of America, since July 2008 and now overseeing global data center facility management and operations. Reside in Chesapeake, VA area.
EMC(SW) Mark Klug
1993-1997 EMCM(SW), COMNAVAIRLANT Maintenance Training Group, Norfolk, VA.
EMC(SW) Keith A. Kuhl
1995-1997 EMCS(SW), Engineering Dept. LCPO, USS Stump (DD-978), Norfolk VA.
DSC(SW) Charles S. Latham
1992-1996 ETC(SW), USS EISENHOWER (CVN-69)
OSC(SW) Brian A. Lincoln
1989-1994 OSCS(SW), NCTSI Det Two
Norfolk, VA
MMC(SW) Brian Logan
1992-1995 MMC(SW), World's greatest RL Division, USS HARRY TRUMAN (CVN-75)
MMCS(SW) Andrew R. Lowe
1985-1989 CWO4, RMTA, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (CVN-69)
FCCS(SW) Max K. Luedtke
1994-1997 Got DSL and it's great. Now working as an electrical mechanic at Mail-Well Envelope, and loving it!
CTRC Jerry A. Mabe
1994-1996 FLTRES May 1996. NEXCOMHQ Va Beach 1997-2000. May 2000- Present. Hewlett Packard Field Service Engineer for Enterprise UNIX computers. Currently we have an opening in Chesapeake, VA if interested send resume via email. Still standing duty every 3rd day, but at least I get to go home at night. The Mississippi was the best part of my 21 year career. Ernie, I still think about UNREPS, Thanks!
FCC(SW) Chris W. Macke
FCC(SW)/Strike Warfare LCPO, Commander Cruiser Destroyer Group One Embarked on USS Constellation CV-64
MMC(SW) Ronald K. Marks
1983-1986 Retired MMC(SW)1994 from USS ENTERPRISE CVN-65. Now living at White Tail Park, in Ivor, VA.
FCC(SW) Tony Martin
1990-1993 Commissioned as an ENS in Jan 1993 aboard MISS and retired as a LCDR in August 2004. Best ship I ever served on. Good to see Mark Easter hasn't lost his sense of humor and that Brian Butts' chicken dance has served him well.
MMCS(SW) Ray McBride
1989-1993 Retired as MMCM from FTSCLANT in 2002. Working as a senior network security engineer for Prosoft(contractor)Virginia Beach at MARMC (formerly FTSCLANT,SIMA,RSG and SUPSHIP Ports).
HMC(SW) Gary R. McCloud
1986-1989 Retired HMCM(SW) 1998. Currently working at Marine Corps Base, Quantico, VA.
MSC Jerry Medellin
-1996 Social counselor
NCC(SW) Bill Meyers
1988-1991 Retired. Working on curriculum development for Navy Leadership Courses at Center for Naval Leadership, NAB Little Creek, VA.
SKC(SW) Cornell Moody
1987-1991 I retired Sept 2000 as an SKC(SW). Currently working as a Financial Planner with Capital Choice Financial Services.
EMC(SW)John M. Moore
1990-1994 Retired 2000. Living in South Florida. Served on USS CANOPUS, USS CONOLLY, AND USS COLE.
HMC(SW) Dan Moreno
1995-1997 HMC(SW) at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth. Finishing Master's Degree. Will retire Friday, 10 August, 2001.
DSCS(SW/AW) Mark W. Mitchell
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1993-1997 CWO3, EMO, USS Stout (DDG-55)
ETC(SW) Michael L. Neal
1995-1997 ETCS(SW/AW), Nuclear Repair Coordinator, N.R.M.D., Norfolk, VA
MMC(SW/SS) Mike Novak
1993-1997 MMC(SW/SS), NPTU
Charleston, SC
DSMC(SW) Walter Overfield
1984-1987 Retired in 1990. Work as a consultant for health insurance companies where I identify overpaid claims.
ISC(SW) Jim Phelps
1984-1988 Retired 1992.
STGC(SW) Jim Picardi
1993-1995 Retired
EMC(SW) Joe Perdue
1981-1984 EMC(SW)Served on Virginia, Vinson, Mississippi, NPTU Ballston Spa. Currently living in Longview, Tx. Work as a technical and training consultant to various industries. Married 35 years. 7 grandchildren.
SHCS(SW) Anthony Placzkowsk
1988-1992 Retired as SHCM in 1996. Currently self employed with my brothers at Clay County Transmission in Middleburg and Orange Park FL. Vivian and I will celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary in Feb 2012.
MMC(SW) Kevin Pugh
1986-1991 CMDCM at NSA Hampton Roads. Will retire in Sept with 30 years. Still married after 25 years to the same woman. Ready to do something new and play more golf. I saw a lot of names I remember but HOTB and 2 Live Nukes take the cake. We had some good times.
EMCS(SW) Steve Randolph
Retired, EMCS(SW/SS) Feb 2000 from FTSCLANT. Graduated Florida Tech, Masters in Systems Mgmt (PMBA in Dec 2001). Presently Project Engineer, Systems Engineering Dept., Newport News Shipbuilding, working CVN-77, CVNX corporate software initiatives.
ENCM Don Richards
1977-1978 Served with the pre-com crew at Newport News Shipbuilding as MCPOC (which was later changed to CMC) and 3-M Coordinator. Promoted to CWO2 in Apr.77 and transferred to Barnstable County (LST 1197) as MPA. Went from there to the Kennedy and retired in 81 reverting to my permanent enlisted grade of ENCM. Retired from Newport News Shipbuilding in 01.
EMC David Roderiques
1987-1989 EMCS(SW/AW), retired.
DCC(SW) Kenneth W. Rountree
1993-1996 DCC(SW), Regional Support Group
Norfolk, VA
STGCM Roger Rowellbasutton2@yahoo.com
1981-1984 Retired.
OSC(SW) John C. Sabatini
1995-1997 IT Systems Engineer, Richmond, VA
GMGC(SW) Sandy Sanders
1992-1997 Retired living in Utah. Work for the USDA GS-11 as a Equipment Mechanic and Wildland Firefighter.
CTMC(SW) Randy Seavy
1989-1991 LCDR (LDO), EMO onboard USS SAIPAN (LHA 2). Have papers in for Jan '03 retirement.
SKCM(SW) Harry Seigle
MMC(SW) Joseph A. Sheehan
1996-1997 MMC(SW), NPTU Balston Spa, NY
ETC(SW) Jeffrey Smith
1978-1983 Electronic Technician, SPAWARSYSCEN, Norfolk, VA.
SKCS(SW) Doyle Spencer
1992-1996 Retired as SKCM(SW)in July 1999. Since retiring from the Navy, I have worked as a Supply Department Head/Materials Manager for Lockheed Martin, an Advisor for AutoZone Distribution Center, Site Operations Manager/Implementation Manager for Storeroom Solutions Inc, and Site Manager for Strategic Distributions Inc.
Paul R. Spillman
1977-1979 HTC Retired, Was certified Nuc. welder was in charge of weld and shipfitter shop from 1977 till 1979. Retired in Aug. 1979.Enjoyed the cruise Rio, St. Thomas,Columbia,San Jaun,Naussa and Carcaus,Ven.Enjoyed helping with the construction Phase of the Mississippi and serving aboard for two years.
HMC(SW) Phil SternPhilipLStern@gmail.com 1984-1986 Retired and living in Florida
CTTCS(SW) Dean A. Stinson
1991-1994 Rating while onboard was CTTCS (one of the few not forced to switch to CTR). After "Missy", served as Senior Enlisted Advisor at EWOPFAC and as Command Master Chief in USS HAYLER (DD 997) and Amphibious Construction Battalion TWO (ACB 2). Retired August 2002 and live in Norfolk, VA.
EWCS(SW) Robert Stricklandrickstrk1@cox.net
1984-1987 Retiring Sept 29th, 2006 as OPS SUR LDO CDR. Working as a Defense contractor in Suffolk at the Joint Systems Integration Center.
MMC(SW) Baron "Bear" Tetzlaff
1995-1997 MMCS(SW), Armed Forces Staff College, Norfolk, VA
ETCS(SW) Larry Tosten
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1994-1997 ETCM(SW) Retired, Working at ATA Security Systems in Chambersburg, PA.
ETC Ed Vick
1978-1979 Precommissioning team and Plankowner
GMC(SW) Edward D. Vincent Jr.
1992-1996 Retired 1998, Living and loving life in Hampton, Va.
DSC(SW) Bud Vzatek
1987-1990 Chief Technology Officer for ABM Inc., Reston, VA
GMGC Allan Waller
1978-1980 Retired GMCM. Currently a high school teacher in Minot, ND
QMCM(SW) John R. Ward
1992-1995 Retired in 1999. Currently working at American Funds.

RMCM(SW) Martin A. Warren


Retired as RMCM(SW) in Jun 1987. Plankowner. Served as Acting OIC of Precom Unit until arrival of PXO LCDR S. Jones. Served as Assistant OIC of Balance Crew to LCDR J. Taylor. Was first Senior Enlisted advisor until arrival of OSCM J. Hayden. Was the senior RM onboard during my tour. Was stationed on the bridge during commissioning ceremony. Always grateful to LCDR J. Taylor for his trust and support. Retired officially in Nov 1996 and live in Chesapeake, VA.
MMC(SW) Richard C. Weber
1995-1997 Ensign (Mustang), QAO, USS HARRY S. TRUMAN (CVN-75)
YNC(SW/AW) Dennis V. Weston
1994-1997 Retired as YNCS(AW/SW) June 2003, currently working as System Administrator for EDS on the Navy and Marine Corps Internet.
EMCM(SW) Bob White
1981-1984 Retired Navy,Golf Course Superintend,FEMA directer, and Chicken farmer. Retired from everything. Play golf every day its not raining.
DSCS(SW) Ed Winchester
1978-1980 Currently at Naval Air Warfare Center
Weapons Div, China Lake, CA
FCC(SW) Karl Zimmer
1992-1994 Industrial Electronics
by Jose' Diaz