Name Dates
Now. . .
OS1(SW) James (Casey) Cahill
1981-1986 Retired, work for Canon.
OS1(SW/AW) James"Virgil"Cole
1988-1991 Retired,currently work as a Test Engineer for Northrop Grumman @ SCSC Wallops Island,Va.
OS3 Greg Diamond
1990-1992 Materials Manager for Patrick Aircraft Technical Services
OS2(SW) Kevin D. Evans
1978-1981 OSCM(SW) (Fleet Reserve). Currently Energy Manager of NAS Whidbey Island.
OS2 Anthony Finazzo
1986-1990 I am currently a Registered Respiratory Therapist in Pontiac, Michigan.  Married, 2 kids.  Doing great.
OS2 Howard Foren
1993-1997 Instructor at Damneck.
OS3 Shawn Foster
OS3 John Garber
1989-1993 Assistant Press Operator at RR Donnelley, Lancaster, PA. Doing great.
OS2(SW) Nicholas W. Geissinger
1981-1985 Transferred to USS John F. Kennedy - then to FCTCL Dam Neck - Seperated in 1991. Computer Consultant - nationwide Technical Writer
OS3 Gary E. Gilmore
1983-1985 Living back in Ohio, working as a machinist.
OS2(SW) Ken Golesh
1985-1988 OSC Ken Golesh(SW/AW) Hello fellow shipmates getting ready to retire Feb 06 at the 22 year mark and wanted to say thanks for all of those who helped me along the way. If it weren't for the people on the Mississippi I would have gotten out many years ago. They say the first ship is always the Best. Keep in touch.
OS2 John Goodrow 1978-1980 OS1(SW) Retired. Currently work IT Systems Administrator at Raytheon in Forest, Mississippi
OS2 Allen Gray
1982-1986 Living in Allen Park, Michigan. Currently I am an IT Network Administrator.
OS1 Kevin R. Harber
1991-1994 Currently a government attorney working for the U.S. Small Business Administration in Washington DC.
OS2 Robert Harp
1990-1994 OSCS(EXW/SW) Now stationed at Mobil Diving and Salvage Unit Two as the Assistant Operations Officer...
OSC(SW) Steven J 1991-1995 OSCS (SW) at COMNAVSURFLANT Training Innovation.
OS2 Mark Hawkins
1980-1984 Retired from navy. now of all things drive truck, built computers for gateway for 3 years. working on further education for business management. My kids are giving me grand kids.
OS2 Brian Hebel
1980-1985 Retired 8/31/10 as OSCS(SW) Working for Fenley Real Estate as Building Systems Supervisor.
OS1 Jim Hogan
1983-1985 I train US Army troops worldwide on Air Defense tactical data systems. Home is SoCal.
OS2 Charles (Matt) Houston
1987-1990 Currently a fairly successful auto salesman in Florida. Looking for more OS buddies from 87-90, or other crew memebers.
OS3 Shaun Jakiel
1990-1993 Asst. Proj. Mgr. with a developer in Richmond, VA
OS1 John Johnson
1980-1984 Retired from Navy reserves Dec 01 2010 as a first class. served with the mighty Mississippi 1981 to 1984. What a great group of people.
OSSN Carl Keith
1978-1978 Plankowner, First enlisted to pilot ship. Served as Boatswains Mate until my requested discharge. Currently, Senior Design Eng & Inventor. Holder of 13 US Patents
OS2(SW) Fred Kittle
1981-1986 Hello to my former shipmates! Retired as an OSCS in 2001. Currently a Naval Combat Systems Engineer/Analyst. My tour on the Mighty Mississippi was why I stayed Navy, so thank you to all who made it fun and rewarding. - Yeah, it's a plug, but a damn fine place to work!
OS2 Frank Kuebbeler
1981-1983 What a great crew and ship the Mississippi was. I only remember the great times. I have been a Postal Worker since 1985. I also am an elected officer and arbitration advocate with the American Postal Workers Union. My wife and I built our home in Harpers Ferry, WV in 2006. We are looking forward to spending time with our grand kids.
OS2 Lee Landers
1989-1992 Live in Blacksburg, Virginia where I am a Sales Rep for a Infectious Control Company. I miss the mighty miss and all I served with.
OSSA Scott P Lombard
1988-1990 After leaving the Miss (CGN 40) Got into management.  Now a manager with WalMart.  If you were graced with calling me Lumpy, E-Mail me.
OS3 Chad Marshall
1996-1997 Got out as an OS2 in 2000. Finished my certifications and degree work and now I own my own Information Systems Security Consultancy in Maryland. I'm also a speaker for TechMentor and hold monthy TechNet webcasts for Microsoft on Windows Administration.
OS1(SW) Evan Mohrbacher
1992-1993 Left Navy after my short tour on the Mississippi. Was sent the Mississippi to help her get through Tomahawk Certification because I was coming from a training command where I taught Tomahawk. Now I am in Miami FL working as service manager for company that repairs and installs recycling equipment.
OS2 Thomas J. O'Keefe
1982-1987 Creator and Project Manager of the Energy Recommissioning Program for TFS, Inc. If all the Navy had been half the caliber of those on CGN 40 from '82 to 86' (officers and men alike), I would have made it a career. Thanks to all.
OS1 Steve Paur
1992-1996 Retired in summer of 2003. Living back in North Dakota and working as a security guard at a factory.
OS2 Joel Pelletier
1981-1984 Working as a route sales rep for Culligan Water Conditioning of Arizona. Also, a drilling SELRES at Phoenix AZ Reserve Center.
OS3 Don Peterson
1992-1996 Currently an MNC(SW) with MCM CREW BULWARK in Ingleside, TX. Just wanted to say thanks to all of the great Sailors I got to learn from and work with. If your ever in the Coastal Bend Area(Corpus Christi/Padre Island)look me up.
OS1 Robin M. Pitzer
1978-1981 Plankowner, Combat Systems Engineer at Raytheon/GE Service Co. Springfield, VA
OS3 Alan Primanzon
1991-1992 Senior Deputy with the Texas County Sheriff's Department, Houston, MO.
OS2 Jeff Prowdley
1978-1981 Plankowner, Presidential Side Boy during Commissioning. Looking for pictures of the MISS and any of my friends from OI Div during that time period.
OS2(SW) Dennis Rackliffe Jr.
1994-1997 Retired, 2007, currently working for the Dept of the Navy, Commander Naval Recruiting Command, at NRPS Portland, Maine.
OS2 Burley Ray III
1994-1997 Out of the Navy
OS2(SW) Fred Rhines
1989-1991 Left the Mighty Miss to head to the USS David R. Ray (DD-971) out of San Diego. Made 1st class there then went to USSPACECOM in Colorado Springs working inside Cheyenne Mountain in the Missile Warning Center. Then 9 months on the USS Wadsworth (FFG-9) before getting out. Been working for nearly 17 years for L.C. Wright, Inc. in Colorado Springs as a Systems Engineer. I was part of the 1st Tomahawk firing team during Desert Storm. Had an amazing tour on her.
OS1(SW) Robert Rich
1993-1997 Living in Jacksonville FL. Enriching America as a Revenue Officer with US Internal Revenue Service.
OS1(SW) Jim Richards
1982-1988 Served onboard from 82-88. Retired from the Navy in 2002. Currently working at Little Creek for the Navy. Loved the Mississippi and was the best ship that I ever served on.
OS1 Thomas W. Robertson
1981-1984 Retired from active duty in August 1996 as LCDR. Currently a Civil/Enviromental engineer specializing in Land Development, Solid Waste(Landfill)Design, and Dam Design.
OS2(SW) Forest Scarbrough
1993-1997 OSC(SW)-Currently at Afloat Training Group Norfolk working in the Strike/Harpoon office. OSC(SW). Glad to see some familiar names in this forum. Brings back some good memories.
OS2(SW) Mike Sepelyak
1983-1988 Mill Operator, Reynold's Metals Co. Chesterfield, VA
OS2 Bryan Shelton
1993-1997 I still work for Stafford County Park & Recreation. Hope everyone is doing well.
OS2(SW) Mike Smithson
1980-1983 Retired in Jan 2008 after 23 yrs as an air traffic controller. My wife Cheryl (who I met while in the Navy) and I have a daughter graduating fm Syracuse University in 2008. Great time at the 2007 reunion--I look frwd to future gatherings. I now oversee a speakers bureau for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition.
OS2 Gary W. Spence
1989-1993 Felt bored, missed the life, and am now in the reserves, serving with MIUW 109 out of NAS JRB Ft. Worth, TX. STILL an OS2 but hoping to make up for lost time!
OS2 Freddie Tirado
1980-1984 Currently living in Orlando, FL and an OSCS in the Reserves.
OS1(SW) Richard Trout
1978-1983 Thanks to all whom served on the USS MISSISSIPPI, It has been my pleasure to be part of that history. I am currently working as a Mail Carrier for the Post Office
OSSA Ian Yehling
1990-1991 Currently a Financial Consultant for a fortune 500 company
OS2(SW) John Welborn
1983-1986 Great to see the list of some former shipmates, especially from OI Division (COMBAT). I reported as an OS3, saw duty in the Caribbean, North Atlantic, and the longest Med. Cruise in history, among other things. Left the Mighty Mississippi and active duty in 1986 as OS2. Two years of active reserves got me OS1 while at University of Florida. 1989-Present, F.A.A Air Traffic Control Specialist working at Memphis ARTCC. B.S.-logic- (U.F.); B.A.-sociology (U.M.); M.A.R.-theology- (M.T.S.) I'll always miss the Mississippi!
OSSR Michael Wilkinson
1977-1978 ...
OS2 John Wright
by Jose' Diaz