Name Dates
Now. . .
QM2 Andrew Granger
1986-1993 USN retired 2003-qm1. currently serving as able seaman rorational pool NOAA Newport,Or past 3 yrs.
QM3 Ted Lemon
1986-1989 Currenly self-employed in construction
QM2 Chris O'Hare
1979-1984 Retired and living in Norfolk, VA
QM3 Jon Perry
1978-1980 Plank Owner. Captain in U.S. Merchant Marines. Where is QMC Love?
QM3 Shayne Shiner
1990-1993 Currently a Sales Trainer
QM2 Mike Sinko
1978-1981 Plankowner, Currently working in Maine
QM3 Morgan Springer
1990-1993 Currently an Electrician in Seattle WA
QM2(SW) Ron Stelle
1979-1982 Asst. Navigator, USS Nassau (LHA-4)
Norfolk, VA
QMSN David Walker
1978-1979 Plankowner, spent 12 yrs in (10 at sea, 2 in Italy). Got a degree in Radiology and practiced for 3 yrs. Now a travel agent, go figure!
by Jose' Diaz