Name Dates
Now. . .
GMM1 William Aleshire
?-? Left Navy in 1985, returned to college. Serving in ministry as Southern Baptist pastor, now finishing a Doctor of Ministry.
GMG2 Curtis A. Andrews Jr
1992-1994 Currently employed by the, Commonwealth Of Pennsylvania, Dept. Of Labor And Industry. I am the owner of Curtis Productions (Music Recording Studio), and Curtis Music Services.
GMM2(SW) Chad Andrus
1987-1991 Live in Hendersonville,NC. Operations Sup. for FedEx Freight
GMM2 Pete Azor
1986-1988 Territory Sales Manager, South Florida, Caribbean, and Latin America for the Sherwin-Williams Company.
GMGSN Barry Bordas
1978-1981 After I left the ship, I made HM3 and was assigned to the USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70).
GMM3 Chris Bowers
1990-1993 Residing in Columbia, SC area with my beautiful wife and two lovely children -I currently work for Uhaul.
GMM1 Jeffrey Fischer
1990-1992 Retired in 2000 from the USS Ticonderoga. Live back up north in Illinois
GMG3(SW) Steven Haddock
1993-1997 GMC/E-7/VLS Tech/USS Anzio/Norfolk, VA
GMG2 Everett Hanova
1992-1993 Previous Mt Captain (MT51) and Gun Captain (MT53)
GMM2(SW) Daniel Hicks
1986-1989 electrician in NY
GMG1 Matthew Lindsey
1984-1989 Retired March 2003. Currently a Deputy in the Virginia Beach Sheriffs Office.
GMG1(SW) Edward F. Lousignau
1983-1988 GMC(SW) Retired USN./ Employed with the U.S. Army at Bluegrass Chemical Activity, Richmond, KY.
GMM3 Carl Mack
1987-1990 Research & Devolopement Technician at Thermal Dynamics
GMG2 Joe Makled
1981-1984 Working security in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for the Vinnell Corporation.
GMM3(SW) Erik Mayne
1995-1998 Medical out in 2003. Own and drive a coal truck in WV.
GMG2 Michael J. McNamara
1978-1981 Retired in 1997. Plankowner. Currently with General Dynamics, in CT, as a Computer Systems Support Tech.
GMM2 Charles Morse
1977-1981 Plankower now living in Concord Nh,working at Shaws Supermarket for 33yrs two wonderful kids
GMG1(SW) Robert L. "Nick" Nichols
1978-1980 Plankowner. Currently own a Hospital Consulting firm in NW Indiana
GMG1(SW) Curtis Norman
1978-? Retired as GMCM (SW) CMC.
GMM2 Bill Ransom
1983-1985 Patrol Sergeant, Town of Newburgh, NY Police Department
GMM2(SW) Randy Ridenour
GMM2 Steven Rumbaugh
1980-1983 Currently in the ARMY as LTC Rumbaugh, Battalion Commander for the 52nd Medical Evacuation Battalion stationed in Korea.
GMG1(SW) Tim D. Schraer
1985-1987 CWO4 (Ordnance Technician), currently Fire Control Officer, USS KITTY HAWK (CV 63) stationed in Yokosuka, Japan.
GMM2 Jeff Schumann
1985-1987 Heatermeals/MRE maintenance tech
GMM2(SW) Rob (Rosco) Scott
1980-1984 Living in and working in Tampa, FL.
GMM3 Tex Seamon
1977-1980 AM currenthly serving as our County Veterans Director up here in NY state, GMLS #2, back there in Nuc area is still #1 compared to that frwd launcher; where are all the missile guys? Charlie Morse is still up in Cook, Nh I think; where's the Fitz gone? Where's TJ and Chief Hitch? Machen was in Norfolk last I knew; Where has Downey gone? Ken Dalton where r u? John Craig u were such a bore! Wonder if Aleshire is still carring around a barf bag?
GMG1 Lee C. Stephens
1977-1982 Plankowner, LCDR (LDO) OIC Combat Homeport Engineering, Pascagoula, MS
GMG2(SW) Steven Stogsdill
GMM2(SW) Don Stoltz
1978-1981 21 years with Warner Lambert/Pfizer Pharmaceutical Co. in Lititz, Pa in the Engineer Dept. (And don't bother writing for free samples of Viagra.)
GMM1(SW) Perry Suter
1982-1985 Retired LCDR Security Officer Europe Naples Italy 2007 with 30 years. Commissioned in 1992. Earned my SWO pin on the USS Saratoga. Served on 5 ships with 18 years of sea duty. Currently working at Great Lakes Boat Co. Hamilton, IL. Needed beer money.
GMG1(SW) Terrell Sutton (Scooby)
1988-1990 Civilian
GMM2 Kevin Wagner
1981-1985 Mortgage broker for 20 years, started my owm real estate management company. Married for 28 years, three daughters. CGN 40; best of times, worst of times. Really loved it. Three med cruises, close friends. Learned alot about myself. Miss you guys.
by Jose' Diaz