Alpha Roster- Form has been fixed. Updated 10/13/2014.

Shipmates! You've found the most popular section of the Mississippi WWW Site. This is where you can list your name, email address, whereabouts, etc., or look for those long lost shipmates that have left their address with me. Each of the links below leads to a page that lists names of shipmates who have visited the site (or who have had their info passed on to me by someone else). PLEASE PASS THE WORD!!! When you transfer or retire, sign back on and keep me updated. I need your help to make this homepage successful.

If a link for your division is not listed, its because I haven't received any names for that division yet. Click on "use this form" below to send me your info. Also, please include a suggested name for your division's site if it doesn't exist already.

Additions and changes will be made as soon as possible. I can normally update on the same day Monday through Friday, but don't update on weekends unless I'm free.

This website does not gather, store, or publish any personal information on its users. Adding your address is optional. It is included in the form to get forwarded to Reunion Coordinator-Jay Martin for Reunion updates. Your address will not be posted online.

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