Aft IC
Name Dates
Now. . .
EM2 Ken Anderson
1992-1996 Finally escaped.. seperated in 2000. Working as a field engineer for a major industrial company. Married and no kids.
EM2(SW) Mike Anthony
1988-1992 Earned my Electrical Engineering degree from Virginia Tech in 1996. Got married in July '94 (no kids yet). Currently work for Carolina Power and Light in Raleigh, NC in the Energy Training Dept.
EM1(SW) David Aronowitz
1983-1988 EMCM(SW/AW), Supervisor of Shipbuilding, code 152 Newport News, VA
EM1 Steven Bach
1981-1984 Left navy in 1988 and have been working mostly at nuclear power plants. Currently working as a Electrical Supervisor at Palisades in Michigan.
EM2 Kevin Banks
1983-1987 Senior Electrical Specialist at West Valley Nuclear Services.
EM2 Jeff Beaver
1988-1992 Sold out to nuclear power after 10 years in manufacturing maintenance
EM1(SW) Matt Bellair
1995-1997 EMC(SW), Instructor, NPTU Charleston, LDO select, Commission August 1, 2001.
EM1 Ron Troll Berger
1979-1985 Electrician for Chrysler working at Toledo Jeep
EM1 Thomas Brennan
1989-1993 Electrical Technician, Allegheny Ludlum Steel Co. EE student at Point Park College, Pittsburgh, PA
EM2 JW "Buck" Buchanan
1988-1992 Mechanical Engineering student at Georgia Tech
EM2(SW) Richard A. Butler
1987-1990 EM1(SW), RE1 LCPO, USS George Washington (CVN-73) Norfolk, VA
EM3 Thomas Cargill
1994-1996 AT1(AW) now. Presently at VX-1 Pax River MD.
EM2 Mike Carmichael
1983-1986 Manufacturing Engineer with The Trane Company n LaCrosse, WI
EM2 John Clark
1988-1992 Project Engineer with SimplexGrinnell - Pittsburgh, PA
Go Steelers
EM2 David Clodfelter
1989-1993 Biomedical Technician at a small hospital.
EM1(SW) Mike Connolly
1985-1990 EMC(SW), RSG Norfolk, Combatant & Decom Type Desk.
EM2 Royce Copeland
1987-1991 Partner in a graphics business called "Digital Image" in Savannah, GA. Married Sarah.... no young 'uns.
EM2 Brian M. Craft
1988-1993 Currently a Senior Powerplant Operator at Richard B. Russell Powerhouse with the US Army Corps of Engineers in Elberton, GA.
EM1(SW) David D'Angona
1981-1984 Florida Power & Light in the Power Generation Division, fossil plant overhaul management.
EM3 (SW) Glenn Davis
????-1993 Master Electrician
EM1 Cam DeGregorio
1985-1988 BWR SRO Instructor, Quad Cities Power Station
EM1 Michael Dolter
1978-1980 Pre-Com and Plank-owner
EM1(SW) Harold Downey
1980-1983 Civilian, got a college education, EE, manager, (no nukes! ;-)
EM1(SW) Matt Drennan
1985-1989 Coordinator of Procedures & Training, TECO Power Services. Still married to Mindy, still have 2 kids, still live in Lakeland, FL.
EM1 John Errico, Jr
1987-1989 Electrical/I&C Designer at Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant
EM1(SW) Ben Ferris
1985-1989 EMC(SW), Readiness Support Group (RSG)
Norfolk, VA
EM1 Robert Fetterman
1978-1985 Working for Detroit Edison. First 10 years as an operator at Fermi 2 power plant and last 16 as an Electrical System Supervisor. Earned a private pilot license in 1995. Favorite sport is golf. Still have my hair.
EM2 Patrick Finegan
1985-1989 Supervisory Contract Specialist, Defense Supply Center Richmond.
EM1 Grant D. Fowler
1992-1996 EM1 aboard USS JOHN C. STENNIS, San Diego, CA
EM1 Lewis K. Fowler
1982-1985 Maintenance Planner at AmeriSteel, Charlotte Mill Division
EM2(SW) Mike Garrett
1985-1989 Used to live across the bay in Hampton. Me an ole Karl Martin used to sling weights around in the lower hold. Took extended leave in December of 88, sold the house, and headed for Alabama. Got a wife Susan, three kids, 2 dogs, & 2 cats. Currently work for Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. in Birmingham, Alabama. I am a Project Manager in charge of installing HVAC Control systems. I didn't think I'd miss you guys, but I do. If anyone knows how to get ahold of Karl Martin, please let me know. Woodell, you still got your Harley? out there? Thanks
EM1 Roger Gay
1977-1980 EMCS retired. Now in apprentice program at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.
EM1 Gene Giffen
1987-1991 Maint tech, Bullen Ultrasonics. Two boys, no wife.
EM1(SW) Gary Harrison
1978-1981 PLANKOWNER. EMCM(SW), Retired. Fire Protection Engineering at INEEL
EM1 Michael J Haley
1980-1984 I have worked for the Farmington Municipal Schools for 22+ years. First as a general electrician and for the last 10 years as a HVAC/controls technician.
EM2 Matthew Hebert
1988-1992 Lead facilities maintenance technician.
EM1 (SW) Ted Hofbauer
1983-1987 Currently a Plant Manager of a 520 MW Combined Cycle Power Plant in CT.
EM1(SW) Leonard "Lenny" Holets
1981-1985 Left service in 1985 and started with Multi-Amp Corporation as a training instructor / applications engineer. Currently still with the company as Sales Manager of US Rep Agents under the Megger name (Multi-Amp, Biddle Instruments, Megger Instruments Limited, AVO International) Navy training provided the skills that I still use today in the Electric Utility Industry to sell and train personal on electrical testing and measuring equipment. Have attended the last two CGN-40 reunions - hope to see you at one of them.
EM2 Art ( Rocky ) Hora
1987-1991 After leaving the ship I got a job working at D. C. Cook nuclear plant as an auxiliary equipment operator. I finally got feed up with nuclear power after 9 years and I now do civil engineering construction inspection.
EM1 Mike Hovis
1977-1980 Plank Owner. Currently working as a Radiation Protection Instrument and Calibration Supervisor at Point Beach Nuclear Plant.
EM2 David Hughson
1980-1984 Currently working for the subway system in Washington DC as an engineer (no, I don't drive the trains) Was at the 2007 reunion and had a blast. Hope to see more F-ing Nuc's at the next one!!
EM2(SW) Brian L. Jackson
1993-1997 EM1(SW) at SIMA Submarine Division, San Diego, CA.
EM1(SW) James R. Kemp
1981-1983 Retired USN in 1994. Currently a Professor teaching Computer Programming and Telecommunications in a University in the Southern California area.
EM2 Paul K. Kluesner
1988-1992 Electrical Engineering Specialist, Capitol Engineering, Madison, WI
EM2(SW) Mike Kunzelman
1988-1991 Web Application Programmer,, Machesney Park, IL
EM1 Kent Ladd
1981-1986 CDF Instructor, General Physics Corp.
EM2(SW) Eric Laettner
1993-1997 LT serving as Electrical Officer on the USS Carl Vinson. Picked up LDO as a EMC in 2003. Been married for 16 years and have two boys (5 and 9). Waiting for the day when the Navy brings back nuclear cruisers!!
EM2 Eric "Lobster" Lauridsen
1984-1989 Employed with the Tennessee Valley Authority's Browns Ferry Nuclear Station in north Alabama, currently working as Quality Assurance Program Manager. Still married to Anna and have three great kids. Have been battling 'Carcinoid' cancer since 1997 yet it has enriched my faith in God. Would love to hear from any of you from engineering and the EM shop.
IC1 Matthew R. Marstellar
1980-1984 Head, Science Libraries
Carnegie Mellon University

There were still a few nuke Interior Communications Electricians left when I was going through the Navy. If I'd stayed in, they would have made me switch to being an Electrician's Mate. But, I ended my Navy days in the IC rating. In the old days, even more ratings had nuclear training - one of my Senior Chiefs was an Engineman (EN) nuke.
EM1 Joseph Massa
?-1981 Retired from the Navy in 1990, started working as a nuclear electrician at the Zion nuclear plant in Zion Illinois, retired. Move to Tennessee and work for the State
EM1 George McCartney
1977-1979 Plank Owner. Currently a Maintenance Electrician.
EM1 Donald McConville
1977-1981 Plankowner, working as a letter carrier for USPS in McCook, NE
EM2 William B. McGatha
EM2 Tim McNeil
1989-1993 BSEE from Tenn Tech Univ in 1997. Executive MBA from Kenn-Western Univ 2006. Currently managing 4 wind turbine plants in the Dakotas for Florida Power & Light.
EM2 David B. Mendlowitz
1981-1985 I used to work at Sony Electronics in Mt. Pleasant PA as a QA Engineer until 2003. I resigned that position to take care of my 3 boys (now ages 12, 5 and 4). Moved to Colorado for 3 years then came home to Pittsburgh in June 2006. I have gone to 2 reunions and they were great. Saw some old friends and made some new ones. I hope to see more of the Engineering Department at the next one.
EM1 Donald Merritt
1977-1981 From the previous, I quit my old job. In addition to previous, I'm now working near Frankfort, Germany on a science satellite system. So the address is in Germany, and I hope that this email address won't change in the future.
EM2 J. Michael
1984-1988 Regional Manager/Tech Specialist
Fakouri Electrical Engineering, Inc.
EM2 Roger Moberly
1978-1981 Plankowner, Sr. Electrical Engineer, Cooper Nuclear Station
Nebraska Public Power District
EM1 Dan Murray
EM1 Ret. DoD Contractor Information Assurance/Network Engineer McKean Defense Group
EM 2 Robert Olinger
1994-1997 OUTNAV '97. Still married (12 years) with 4 great kids.Generation Director for PJM Interconnection in Greensburg, PA. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
EM1 Robert "Bob" Pace
1977-1981 General Supervisor - Operations Training, Calvert Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, Lusby, MD. Operations Lead CCNPP Fukushima Response Project. Married to Denise D. Pace. We have 5 kids and 9 grand kids.

4 great years aboard CGN-40! Construction, nucleus crew, commissioning, shake down cruises, cruises to Carib. Seamed like our home port was St. Thomas! E-Division LPO, REO Supervisor, RE01. Transferred to CGN-40 nucleus crew after 1.5 years aboard CVN-65.
EM1(SW) James Padget
1993-1997 Enjoying life working at the Laramie River Power Station in Wyoming.
EM1 Marcus Parenti
1983-1986 Operator at Catawba Nuclear Station, York, SC.
EM1(SW) Bob "Lou" Pascal
1984-1988 Currently working on golf game.
EM2 Burl D. "Bo" Reardon
1986-1990 BSCE from University of Central Florida in 2001.  Jamie and I have a son Nikolas Cody, born in May 2002.  Currently working as a civil engineer in Orlando.
EM3 Mike Reardon
1994-1996 Graduated from ODU with BS in Engineering, Hold second degree in Biometric Security. Currently work as a Logistics Manager and Procurement specialist buying and building U.S. Embassies in Europe.
EM2(SW) Bryan Roberson
1992-1996 Married for 9 years and have 2 girls. Currently working with Florida Power & Light as a shift team leader at power plant. Ra Ra and BZ to everyone.
EM2(SW) Mark "Robby" Robinson
1993-1996 Returned to the Navy in '97, currently CTI1(SW/SG) at NSA Fort Meade, MD.
EM1 Ted Roman
1984-1986 Project Engineer with TAC-Americas.
EM1(SW) Robert Scallions
1986-1990 Got out of the Navy in 1994 as an EMC from NPTU Balston Spa, NY. Presently working in Florida as an Operations & Maintenance Manager at a Gas Turbine Power Plant.
EM1 Edward "Dan" Schlinger
1978-1981 Plankowner, Reactor Operator
Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station
Wintersberg, AZ
EM2 Grant Schneider
1978-1982 Working at Newport News Shipbuilding as a Senior Technician in the Non-Nuclear Systems Test Division. Currently involved in the overhaul of the Eisenhower. I am also a member of the long range planning team for the overhaul of the Vinson.
EM2 Paul Stevens
1988-1992 Currrently senior hydroelectric plant technician
IC2 William "Billy" Sutton
1981-1985 Employed with the Trane Co. as a Senior Service Technician (18 years so far).  Married to Trish, with five (step) kids and three grandsons.
IC2 David H. Sweeney
1978-1981 Plankowner. Now work for United States Enrichment Corporation as an Electrical Planner
EM2 Jeff Taylor
1987-1991 Currently work for the Department of Labor/OSHA in Western Massachusetts. Left the ship after the Gulf War and was transferred to the SUBASE in Pearl Harbor where I did Radcon work and finished up working for the ARRS Division.
EM1(SW) David Turner
[ ]
1983-1991 C&IS Procter Gamble, Greensboro, NC
EM? Andy Underwood
1990-1995 Graduated with BSEE from the University of South Carolina. Working with South Carolina Electric and Gas as a Design Engineer at the VC Summer Nuclear Site.
EM2 Richard VanDaele
1991-1996 Electronics Project Engineer for Jabil Circuit. Married, no kids.
EM2 J. Michael Wooddell
1984-1988 Sr. Electrical Engineer at M.C. Dean, Inc.
EM2(SW) Conrad J. Yates
1993-1997 EM1(SW), Recruiter in Wyoming, MI
EM2(SW) David Ziegler
1984-1987 Currently stationed in Japan with wife (remarried) who works for Department of Defense.
by Jose' Diaz