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MM3 James Addis
1982-1986 fine artist living in montreal, qc
MM2(SW) Scot Alsop
1994-1996 Currently working as a contractor travelling the mid-atlantic fixing nuclear power plants
MM1 Dean Altemus
1981-1985 Have some good memories of the "Mud Sucker". Currently working as a unicycle clown for the circus, specializing in ballon characters.
MM1 Kevin Anderson
1989-1992 BS in Engineering (98) from RPI. Currently working for Bonestroo in St. Paul, MN designing municipal water systems. Married with 2 kids.
MM2(SW) Anthony Arenareattne13@aol.com 1987-1990 A-1 Welder/Mechanic for Keyspan Energy, LI NY.
MM1 David C. Barfield
1992-1997 Served on board the HOTB as an ELT until it was decommissioned in 1997. Currently employed as a Trooper Pilot for the Va State Police working at the MEDFLIGHT 2 base in Abingdon VA. I am still happily married to my wife of 14 years that I met at the Mariner's club in Orlando Florida. We have one daughter, Savannah, who is 8 years old. I still cherish the memories both good and bad of the time I served on the Mississippi.
MM2(SW) Mike Barrett
MM2 Barnett Carroll
1988-1991 Medically discharged in 1992
Went home. Went to school.
B.S. Chemistry, Towson University
Worked in Research and Development at Millenium Chemicals. Left R&D for the manufacturing side of the same company. Worked in a WTE plant for a while. Launched my own company in 2007.
President/CEO Aegis Mechanical Corporation - a commercial mechanical contracting and engineering firm
MM2 Robert Casey
MM2(SW) Mike Barrett
1989-1993 Currently work as a Master Mechanic at the Southwest Power Station for City Utilities of Springfield Missouri . Married with two children. Currently (11/23/05) working on degree for Business Management at Evangel University.
MM2 Miguel Barrosse
1991-1995 I'm now funking it up, playing guitar in a band in New Orleans.
MM1(SW) Mark Baumgartner
1991-1996 Currently MMCS(SW/AW) at COMNAVAIRFOR N91R, San Diego, CA.
MM2(SW) Bob Begley
1991-1995 BS, Mechanical Engineering from Youngstown State University (98). Have worked for Ingersoll-Rand ever since in the capacities of Test Engineer, Process Engineer, Project Engineer, Test Engineering Manager, and currently as Technical Training Manager.
MM1 Fred Berl
1977-1980 Plankowner. Currently Work Control Manager at Los Alamos National Laboratory in Los Alamos, NM
MM1 Bill Black
1980-1984 MMC (Retired), Currently a Test Engineer at Newport News Shipbuilding
MM2 P.J. Bess
1985-1988 Quality Engineer, Teledyne Technologies, Mobile, AL. Had to get out of the fission industry due to many friends developing brain tumors!
MM2 Stephen Blount
1988-1992 Technician at radiopharmaceutical firm.
MM2(SW) Dennis Borja
1988-1990 B.S. Dietetics, University of Florida (98), Dr. Chiropractic Palmer College (2001)
MM2 (SW) Glenn Brons
1989-1994 Worked for several years as a Millwright at Bridgestone/Firestone in Decatur, IL. Currently work as a plant mechanic for Calpine outside KC, MO.
MM2 Robert (Bobby)(Alkie) Brown
1991-1994 Still working as a lab tech but now for Invista formerly Dupont Orange Texas. Maried Oct 2000. Father of Triplets all boys born Oct 200.
MM1(SW) John Brill
1991-1994 MMC(SW) on USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT. Transferring soon to COMNAVAIRLANT N43.
MM3 Christopher Brower
1990-1994 Currently a financial analyst in Denver for mortgage company. Earned MBA and BA in History after leaving Navy in 1997. Served on LPH-7, AD-37, and ACU-5 after Mississsippi.
MM2 Bobby Brown
1991-1994 I now an associate chemist for Sasol North America in Westlake La. I live in Bridge City Texas. I have been married now for 5 years to my wife Liz and have three year old triplets all boys Brad, James and Christopher. Miss all the ELT's I served with and partied with. Drop me an e-mail if any of you get a chance.
MM2 Jeff Brown
1985-1988 Sr Tech Instructor (Chemistry) Waterford-3 Nuclear Power Plant
MM1 Eric Brye
1983-1987 Currently the technology manager for Compass Broadband, a data and voice provider. I stayed for 15 years but finally called it quits and tried my luck in the tech sector.
MM2(SW) John Burgess
1993-1996 I got out of the Navy in 2000 and went to Clemson University for chemical engineering. While in school I did medical device research and after graduation I worked as a project engineer. I have since moved on to production and became certified as a PE. Currently I work in Monongahela PA as the production superintendent for a chemical manufacturer.
MM2 John Bush
1987-1991 Assistant Unit Operator, Kingston Fossil Plant (TVA).
MM2(SW) Jeff Buss
1994-1997 Was an instructor at NPTU Ballston Spa, NY for 3 years until I got out. Currently work at the DC Cook Nuclear Plant as an AEO.
MM2 Warren Butler
1994-1996 BS in Aeronautical and Industrial Technology from Tennessee State University. MBA from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Have worked at UPS Airlines headquartered in Louisville, KY as an Industrial Engineer for 6 years.
MM2 Bob Casey
1980-1984 When I left the Mississippi and the Navy, I never went into the private sector Nuclear field. I went into DIY-type retail. Eventually, I became a Service Rep for Arrow Group Ind and service Ohio, parts of Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. I've been around the country for various projects of the company. I hardly remember those I went to High School with. But, the men I served with aboard the Mississippi I remember distinctly.
MMCS(SW) Jeff Cherry
1994-1997 MMCM(SW), MM Class Director at NFAS, Charleston.
MM2(SW) Douglas Coleman
1986-1987 Chemistry Technician at Comanche Peak Nuclear Station, Texas
MM3(SW) John Cooper
glad to see this site
MM1(SW) Brent Cosgrove
1985-1988 12 years in petroleum refining, then 5 years designing heat recovery steam generators for the power and petro-chemical markets. Manager at HRST since 2007; we provide excellent products and services for combined-cycle and cogen HRSGs.
MM2(SW) Richard (Chip) Cowger
1987-1991 Still working in Nuclear Power in Northeast Ohio.
MM1(SW) Mike Dalton
1983-1987 Never decided to grow up and get a real job.  - Still doing the Navy thing.
MM1 Tony Davidson
1992-1995 Working as Shift Test Supervisor at Newport News Shipbuilding. Completed BSME from ODU and MBA from Averett University. Still trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up.
MM2 Justin R. Devers
1995-1997 Currently working as a Mechanical Test Engineer at Northrop Grumman Newport News. In process of completing my MS in Management from Florida Tech.
MM2 Roy Drake
1983-1986 LCDR Drake is a Supply Officer currently stationed at USS Pacific Command in Hawaii in the Joint Petroleum Office; will detach 1 July 2006 and report to Defense Supply Center Richmond VA in August 2006 as Aviation Readiness Officer.
MM2 Charles Enman
1993-1997 I am back home in Massachusetts, working in Sales Engineering for an Electrical Connectivity company. I was in Nuke M1 Division from 1994 to the last day of decommissioning.
MM1 Franklin K. Floyd
1977-1979 Mechanical Supervisor, Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, Wickenburg, AZ. 
MM1 Rodney Foster
1979-1983 Licensed SRO, Operations Shift Manager at DC Cook Nuclear Plant, Bridgeman, MI
MM1 Curtis Franklin
1990-1994 Currently assigned to PCU RONALD REAGAN as RM2 LCPO. Last assignment was on USS NIMITZ.
MM1 Daniel Garcia
1993-1996 Stock Prep Operator - Republic Paperboard, Lawton, OK.
MM1(SW) Todd M. Gemskie
1986-1988 orking at Point Beach Nuclear Plant in Two Rivers Wisconsin. Currently the supervisor for Emergency Preparedness.
MM1(SW) Tim Glassmire
1982-1988 Loving life at home now.  Vice President and owner of Electrical Contracting Company.  Married a few times, still working on it.
MM1(SW) James Gray
1986-1990 MMC/SW. Currently LCPO Surface Department CVSE0267 NAS ATLANTA.
MM2(SW) Pat Griffin
1992-1997 Currently a control room operator at the Tenaska Lindsay Hill Generating station in Billingsley, AL. Was commonly referred to as "stiffy" by my divisional shipmates.
MM1(SW) Kevin Guiney
1977-1980 CGN-40 Plank Owner. I am a retired MMCM(SW). Retired in 1997 and after working with Firestone as a Maintenance Supervisor in Illinois for a few years, I now work for an independent power producer, company name is Calpine. I am an "A" Operator at a Combined Cycle Energy center in Goldendale, Washington.
MM3 Christopher Gullette
1994-1997 Left the Navy in 2001. Got A B.S. In biochemistry from NCSU and now work as a Senior Process Engineer at Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnology. Have been happily married for just over eight years now. "Our" kids are both in college at NCSU.
MM3 Randell Hall
1982-1987 Retired. Working for Blythewood Heating and Air in Columbia,South Carolina. Remember me? Would like to hear from anyone who was on board during my time. Maggie Mae (Mark Magyar) and Squatch (Richard McPhail). What's up Masked Scorpion?
MM2 Eric Hammes
1995-1997 Operations Department, Dairyland Power Cooperative, LaCrosse, WI
MM2 John Harmon
1983-1987 I am an air traffic controller working on the National Airspace Redesign Team. Figured I saw enough of the world and it is now time to travel the US.
MM1 Roger G. Harvey, Sr.
1977-1979 Plank Owner. I got out of the Navy in 1988 as an MMC. I then joined the Pa. National Guard and have retired from that last year.
MM2 Robert Harris
1989-1993 Currently CEC LT working as Asst. Head Facilities Management Dept at Naval Medical Center, San Diego.
MM2 Rob Harrison
1989-1992 Working nuclear test operations/submarine overhaul, Newport News Shipbuilding
MM2(SW) Jimmie Dale Haynes
1994-1997 NRMD Norfolk.
MM2 Justin R. Heim
1995-1997 Currently working as Process Engineer at a stainless/specialty steel producer (Electralloy) in Oil City, PA.
MM2 John S. Hemby
1980-1983 Retired.
MM1(SW) Mike Hinkley
1989-1991 Currently on board USS TRUMAN as the LCPO of 1MMR. Soon to transfer to the ENTERPRISE (hopefully the engineering department).
MM1 Rob Hintz
1988-1994 Working as a Mechanical Engineer in North Phoenix, AZ.
MM2 Del Hobson
1991-1996 Currently running 7 cryogenic plants throughout the Midwest. Still married to 1st wife of 12 years, have 3 kids. Still playing guitar & rockin' in the free world!
EM1 Mike Hovis
1978-1980 Precom/Plank Owner. Former LELT for L Div.,
currently Radiation Technologist at Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant.
MM2 Keith Huff
1993-1997 B.S. Information Systems. Operator, Grand Gulf Nuclear Station in Port Gibson, MS. Married 12 years with a 3 year old son.
MM1 Dan Huskisson
1977-1981 Machinist, Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station
Palo Verde, AZ since Jan 83.
MM2 Stephen Johnson
1984-1986 Operations at VC Summer Nuclear Station since Nov, 02.
MM1 Mark S. Johnston
1979-1983 Mechanical Engineer, Parsons Energy & Chemicals
Reading, PA
MM1(SW) Ken "KD" Jones
1985-1987 Retired Navy in April 2002. Working as Project Manager for AEPTEC Microsystems, back home in Blairsville, PA.
MM1 Darrell LaMastus
1983-1987 I worked at a commercial nuke in Texas form 87-90. After two years in gods armpit (Sorry Texans) we moved back to Washington state where I went to work for the DOE. I have worked at Los Alamos for 6 months and have spent the last 14 months at the Nevada Test site. In April (07) I will be moving back to Washington as an instructor/training lead. I am still married to Dorothy (25 years this June) She retired from the reserves last fall (AGCM). We have 4 daughters of which one is still at home (14). One has been lost to the dark side (married) and I will probably lose another this year after she graduates. 1 grandkid so far. I look back fondly at my 4 years on the mudsucker (wouldn't go back). Would love to hear form Wallberg, Downs, Oviatt, Billy B, Gary G and the rest of the gang. Take Care all and smooth sailing to you.
MM2 David J. Lane
1991-1994 BS in Civil Engineering from Souther Illinois University @ Carbondale. Currently working for INDOT designing dirt.
MM1(SW) Randy S. Lane
1980-1984 Retired MMC(SW) in 1999 after decommissioning LONG BEACH, ARKANSAS and CALIFORNIA. Now Maintenance Supervisor at Callaway Nuclear Plant.
Bob Lantz
1978-1981 Plankowner. Worked in M2 Div from 77 to 81. Served as LPO for a few months Once welded a drill press and a bench grinder in mid level, #2 Eng Room as an unauthorized ship alt. I heard it stayed they for a while and curious if it stayed 'till decommissioning? Worked at 5 nuclear power plants in 5 states as an Operator up to NRC R.O. License, later QA, ISEG Engineer, and currently a Nuclear Safety Assurance Engineer at a uranium enrichment plant.
MM2(SW) Frank Leone
1986-1990 Worked for over 8 years at Pilgrim Nuclear Station and I'm currently a chemistry supervisor at Salem/Hope Creek in NJ.
MM1 Duane Linnartz
1980-1983 Prototype instructor 1983 - 1986 - S1C prototype Nuclear power plant operator / radiation protection specialist - Waterford 3 Nuclear Plant 1986 - 2006 Teacher - Chemistry & Physical Science - Loganville High School 2006. On board, was in #2 engine room, and mechanical storeroom, WAY aft and down. Captain R.A.K. Taylor was my skipper.
Currently: High school teacher - physics and chemistry - Walnut Grove high school, Walton County, Georgia.
MM1(SW) Jim Lucas
MM2(SW) Raymond Ludwin
1987-1990 Brain Surgeon, cave explorer, LA County Assist. DA, PGA Golfer
(Sounds unemployed to me...
????, USA
MM2 Aaron P. Male
1994-1997 MMC(SW)Male serving as LCPO of 2MMR onboard USS Enterprise. Being commissioned to LDO in May 06 and will be reporting to the USS Carl Vinson. Still happily married to Nicole and still only have two children Taylor & Alexis.
MM2 Bernie Malnarick
1995-1997 Plant Manager, Air Liquide America
MM1 Weldon Manning
1981-1983 I was part of M1 Division while stationed on the Mississippi. I left the Navy when I departed the ship, and I am currently working as an Operator/Techinician in a fractionator. Before comming to the Mississippi, I spent two years as an instructor at the MARF training facility in Balston Spa, NY.
MM3 Steve Marshall
1988-1989 Worked at Newport News Shipbuilding for 9 years in Engine Rooms/Engineering Design. Then moved to Wisconsin as an Applications Engineer for Mori Seiki (Ellison Technologies).
MM1(SW) Jim Martz
1980-1984 Two-time cancer survivor as of 2007. Currently retired from the nuclear industry due to COPD and a permanently paralyzed vocal cord.

Back in college as a Sophomore studying IT Networking. I will be transferring to a 4-year university after graduation next spring.
MM2(SW) Rob Mason
1986-1991 Auditor, US Agency for International Development, Office of Inspector General, Baghdad, Iraq. Transferring to Pretoria, South Africa in Summer 2008.
MM1 Jimm Metzler
1979-1983 Making big atoms into little atoms at Comanche Peak Steam Electric Station, Glen Rose, Texas
MM1 Brian McClain
1980-1984 Hey Shipmates, I a retired MMCS (2003), I am cuurently a Project Manager / Metrics Analyst for a civilian company in the Hampton Roads area. Planning on getting better with the golf game. I can say it was a pleasure serving with all of you over the years. Still married to Kim (25 years plus, kids are all grown up, no grandkids yet...), if you are in the area, look us up!
MM1(SW) Doug McConnell
1991-1993 commissioned LDO in 2002: LTJG on USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT, currently assigned as ARMO.
MM1 Don McGargill
1990-1995 Reactor Operator, Cooper Nuclear Station, run by Nebraska Public Power District.
Michael C. McNamara
1988-1992 Burning trash w/Tombo and Tom Stanfield in Crab Town
MM1(SW) Mike Micca
1979-1983 Health Physicist, Susquehanna Steam Electric Station, Berwick, PA
MM1(SW) Chris Miller
1986-1990 Reactor Operator at Comanche Peak Steam Electric Station.
MM2 Joe Militti
1992-1996 NEO at Salem Generating Station in South Jersey. Looking for any info on Mike McGovern, Rich Philpot, or Jim Miller (they all served in the early to mid 90's). Email me @ jmilitti30@yahoo.com.
MM2 Robert Moline
1988-1992 I'm the Computer Tech for a school district.
MM1 Robert Mowen
1978-1980 Shift Test Engineer at Newport News Shipbuilding and Drydocking
MM1 Mike Musilek
1985-1987 Chief Engineer, OMS Union
MM1(SW) Carl "Bam Bam" Myers
1979-1983 Currently employed with AMSCEC LLC a subsidiary of SAIC as a Senior Technical Writer. Working on a Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 MCSE Certification and currently hold a COMPTIA A+ Cert ( that only means I have much more to learn about the workings of computers). Taking computer classes because I enjoy working on them and seeing them work together on a network and also in the hopes of pursuing a career change in the not so distant future.
MM2(SW) Craig Nolin
1981-1983 Left the Navy in 1985. Have worked for Northrop-Grumman Information Technology (in one form or another) as a software design analyst since.
MM2 Michael Nunley
1985-1989 Plant Operator, Hudson Generating Station Jersey City, NJ
MM1(SW) Andrew Olmsted
1994-1997 MMC(SW), Transferring to NNPTU Ballston Spa NY
MM1 Michael Pasquarette
1982-1986 Retired this year as LCDR, now working for AMSEC working CVN Availabilities.  Staying in Tidewater next to the grandsons.
MM1(SW) James Pennebaker
1985-1988 Chief Engineer Covanta Energy at the Montgomery Resource Recovery Facility Dickerson Maryland.
MM2(SW) Len Perrier
1983-1986 LT, Hull Repair Div. Head (Code 310)TRF, Kings Bay, GA
MM1 Herb Petersen
1979-1983 Presently Reactor Operator at Millstone 3. University of New Haven BSME 2001, University of New Haven MSCS 2007. Accepted new job into IT dept starting in May 2007. Live on a lake, still waterskiing...married, with 2 children ages 9 and 12.
MM1 Dennis Pettitdenmenace@comcast.net
1979-1983 Currently a Load Dispatcher for Chicago
MM2 Joel Pierce
1992-1996 Currently a 2nd Lieutenant in the NC Army National Guard serving as Commanding Officer of a Well Drilling Unit. Also a self employed Building and Utility Contractor.
MM1 Rick Pierson
1979-1982 Shift Supervisor Prairie Island Nuclear Plant.
MM1(SW) Lee Poppitz
1985-1989 Currently working in Operations at the Kewaunee Nuclear Power Station, Kewaunee, Wisconsin.
MM2 Dave (Billy) Pratt
1990-1995 BSE Chemical Engineering, U of Iowa. Process Engineer for Monsanto.
MM2(SW) Steven R. Purdon
1985-1988 MMCS(SW) Retired. Currently Senior Operations Training Instructor with Entergy.
MM2 Marvin Rainwater
1988-1992 BA in Economics and Political Science from the University of Missouri (1997). Currently working for the U.S. Department of Education as an Operations Research Analyst.
MM1(SW) Keith J. Rash
1993-1997 MMC(SW), retired. Reliability/Plant Engineer for Engelhard Corporation, Quincy, FL. Great company, great job! MBA 2002 from Florida State. GO NOLES! (Webmaster comment: Keith obviously has great taste in colleges and football teams.)
MM2 Mark Rasske
1991-1995 Currenty working at Bangor, WA subbase as RadCon Tech. Retiring in 5 months!
MM2(SW) Mark Rice
1985-1989 System Administrator for a local school district
MM2 Brett Richards
1992-1996 Golf Professional (go figure).
MM1 Ed Roach
1977-1979 I work at Calvert Cliffs Power Plant as the Emergency Preparedness Director
MM2(SW) Don Rodgers
1994-1996 Graduated from the University of Texas in 2002. Currently working at the Alon Refinery in Big Spring, TX as a Project Manager
MM3 Konrad Roth
1994-1997 Went to USS John C. Stennis until 1999. I have since completed my BBA(Finance) from Walsh College in Troy, MI. Currently working for Clinton TWP, MI Department of Public Works.
MM1 Mark Rybold
1977-1980 Work for AmerenUE as a chemistry technician at callaway nuclear generating station in Missouri
MM2(SW) Cary Shinn
1987-1991 Serving with USNR NMCB0724 Assistant Director of a camp and completed Masters of Divinity.
MM2 Gary Schneider
1984-1986 My enlistment ended Jan88 as an MM1. Currently employes at Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant, Two Rivers, WI as a Radiation Planner/Coordinator
MM1(SW) Scott Schneider
1994-1997 Working at D.C. Cook Nuclear Plant in Bridgman, MI as Unit Supervisor (SRO). 3 kids, married for 13 years.
MM1(SW) Harold Shaw
1983-1987 Operator at Advanced Test Reactor (worlds largest test reactor)
INEEL, Idaho
MM1(SW) Joe Shaw
1983-1987 Left the US Navy in 1992. Currently Experiment Engineer at the Worlds Largest Test Reactor, the Advanced Test Reactor, Arco, Idaho.
MM1(SW) Edmond Sieferman
1991-1994 Retired MM1(SW), 100% Disabled
Lafayette, LA
MM1 Craig Siefkas
1993-1994 BM1, USNR, NR NSF, China Lake. Mobilized here after 9/11, got married and stayed on with the Security Reserve Unit.
MM2(SW) Bob Siemerling
1977-1979 Received my degree in Mechanical Engineering and am working in the Washington DC area.
MM2 Trevor Snider
1987-1993 After 25 years in the Information Technology / IT Security industry am currently a business consultant and poised to take part ownership of a Managed Service Provider / Internet Service Provider in Nebraska.

I often reflect on my time in uniform and of my fellow sailors. I miss the team, the ship (RIP), the camaraderie, and the mission. Reach out anytime.
MM3 Robert Taylor
1995-1997 I am currently a Health Physicist at the University of Missouri Research Reactor Center, a graduate student (I will complete my Masters in Public Administration next year), and I am a Second Lieutenant in the Army Reserve as a Nuclear Medical Science Officer.
MM1 Dan Teeters
1979-1983 Happily married. Living in Southern California. Regional Sales Engineer for GE Water.
MM1(SW) Mike Trafford
1987-1992 MM1(SW), USS Frank Cable (AS40)
Transfering soon to TRIREFFAC Kings Bay, GA
MM1 Bob Underwood
1988-1992 Inspector for HSB Global Standard, St. Louis
MM1 Rick Van Natta
1984-1988 MMCM at NPTU Charleston. Retiring June 06 after 25 long friggen years. Finally got the guts to get out. Who knows what is next...?
MM2 Dennis V. Venturini
1989-1993 MM1(SW/AW), USS JOHN C. STENNIS (CVN-74), NAS North Island.
MM1 Tom Walsh
1982-1985 Presently Senior Plant Operator at the Collier County Regional Water Treatment Plant.
MM3 Jason Walter
1995-1997 Chemical Engineer for the Army Corps of Engineers
MM1(SW) Richard Watkins
1986-1990 Environmental Chemist at Accutest Labs, Orlando. On Miss, I worked in M-1 and M-3.
MM1 William J. Weisberg
1981-1985 Was Leading Engineering Laboratory Tech (ELT)
Current employed with AREVA in Lynchburg, VA as the Technical Training Supervisor.
MM1 Mark A. Westrick
1977-1979 Plankowner, Contractor at Point Beach Nuclear plant
MM2 Scott Wheeler
1984-1988 Living in Aiken, SC. Working as a Maintenance Mechanic @ AGY.
MM2 James E. White
1982-1986 Howdy all, Retired after 20 from the Carrier Fleet, Currently employed at R.E.Ginna Nuclear Power Plant. Still married after all these years (23) Three adult children. The eldest, BU2 Daniel James White, is a US Navy SeaBee with NMCBU1 in Gulfport Mississippi. My daughter, Kelly Christine, is an RN at Strong Memorial Hospital in the Bone Marrow transplant unit and Shaun Michael is attending Nascar Technical Institute in Mooresville, NC. He just got picked up by Tim Kohuth a retired Nascar crew chief to work in his classic car shop. my lovely bride is a bank manager in our home town...Life is Good in the "whitehouse"
MM2 Mike White
1982-1986 Emergency preparedness at Watts Bar in TN
MM2 David Wilkerson
1989-1993 Currently working for Hubbell Power Systems as a Project Co-ordinator. Married with 2 kids and living in Trenton, SC.
MM? Chuck Williams
1977-1979 none
MM1(SW) Wayne Wischerath
1985-1988 Currently watching TV.
MM2 B. Otto Wishman
1994-1997 I am a field service engineer. I travel the country making the equipment my company makes work. It is a great job , it is different everyday , and I get to use my brain.
MM1 Scott E. Winegarden
1990-1994 Living in Michigan working for pharmaceutical company Pfizer as Senior Compliance Lead. Married now for 17 years, 3 children.
MM1 Jim W. Wright
1977-1979 Plankowner. Currently Project Enginner at Savannah River Site.
MM2 (SW) Patrick Zambori
1987-1993 six and out, next decade with Harley-Davidson, 8 years in fitness equipment, now searching for my next (maybe last) career move
MM2 David Zimmerman
1993-1997 Currently working in the operations department at Surry Power Station.
MM1(SW) Sam Zito
1985-1990 Medically retired from the Navy in 1995. Currently working at a civilian Nuclear power plant in upstate NY.
by Jose' Diaz